Once upon a busy street

Were two eyes that dared to meet

They smiled, they laughed, they shone and danced

Because here was the start of new romance

Once upon an upturned hand

Was the hope he'd be the man

She'd only seen him be in dreams

And always in her heart believed

Once upon a moment

There was a kiss stolen

And a young girl heartbroken

And a guy w|o a care in the world

Once upon a yesteryear

There was a friendship that refuse to tear

It refused to bend, until it broke

And family became strangers that never spoke

Once upon a November

There was a beautiful dreamer

Trapped inside a reality unfit

To nurture the plans of a misfit

Once upon a train ride

Were strangers standing side by side

Inadvertently drawn together

By circumstances irrelevant to each other

Once upon an unshed tear

Lived a very vivid fear

Tht if it ever rolled down a cheek

Vengeance would be what hurt would seek

Once upon a broken heart

Was the promise to restart

A life that was planned and redirected

Because of decisions made under misdirection

Once upon a church pew

Was a lonely heart overdue

For love and affection or for someone to care

And once heard that one could meet God there