I love you Sam!
I love you too!
I really mean it
Do you?

I don't say it out of empty habit
I say it because I can't help but love all I know
I can't help but feel like you say it out of obligation
Out of some misguided notion
That because I say it it's what I wanna hear

FYI I really rather you didn't


'Cuz that's how you hurt people
More specifically that's how you hurt me
I can handle complete honesty
I can't handle you lying to try and pacify my feelings
Because it works all too well until
The rug is violently ripped from under my feet and
My butt is harshly introduced to the hard, cold reality
Better known as ground
And I definitely don't need your help falling
I tend to trip on my own

You know what's even more frustrating?
I know when you're lying
I have this uncanny sense of knowing true sincerity
I think it's genetic :)

So I'm like hey tell me the truth
And you don't
So distance is my friend
And lonely my lover
Because I have unknowingly mastered
Being the presence that is always "missed"
But never appreciated

And i'm always reminded every time you say
Sam! I love you!
And I say I love you too!