I consider myself a romantic
More so than anyone else I know
So I find myself more than a little flustered
When I am the only one in my group of friends who doesn't even have a legitimate crush.
That's not a whole lot to ask for
Just someone who I can giggle over
Talk about with the girls
Think about when that song comes on…
Instead I am stuck crushin' SO hard on romance itself
I'm giggling at the cutest…pictures
Talking about that movie
Thinking about my ideal love…
So in love with the idea of love,
That reality in contrast BITES
I want someone to think of me
Like I think of it
I don't want to chase it
I want it to catch me
Sweep me off my feet
Take my breath away
And all that jazz
I truly miss long late night conversations about nothing
Secret side glances
Inside jokes that are acknowledged only by a look and a smirk
I miss missing….
That good ache that says
That I'm exercising that muscle in my chest
I want to hold hands and hug
And most of all,
I want to know that without a shadow of a doubt
That he's crushin' just as hard….

But I can't afford to be another love struck teen