it takes a lot to learn.

you're young, innocent,

oblivious, even,

but you cannot be faulted

because you haven't been hurt.

you're pure.

you say you don't understand

and truthfully? you can't.

you can never understand,

not until you've been torn apart

not till you feel that all you stood for

all you were

has been stomped on and burned.

until you've been absolutely destroyed,

you can never understand.

i pray, for your sake,

that you remain young

innocent, oblivious,

for a long time to come.

you want to understand, i know,

and i would never deny you

what i could simply say

but this lesson can't be spoken.

it has to be beaten.

it has to destroy you.

it takes a lot to learn.

a/n: those who've known the pain of love hate that the reality of love is a lesson you can't teach the young and innocent. it hurts that it's a lesson you can only learn through experience, but we all have to learn sometime.