Ethereal she stands within the trees
When one draws near, she turns and flees
A beautiful dreamer lost in the past
Fleeing the present, on feet so fast
Wishing she was in a fantasy land
Unable to face a life that's planned
And so she remains in her untouchable place
Running at the slightest glimpse of a face
Her fortress though, is a lonely world
Lying alone, her figure curled
Silver tears she cries at night
Wishing there was a way to make it all right
Going forward means a land unknown
So she stays, her memories forever her own
But what good are memories compared to family and friends
Her solitary land, no matter how she pretends
Can never return her to the time of which she dreams
A time when all was simple and sweet, filled with sunbeams
Now the echo the passerby hears
Is that of screams filled with such pain it sears