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If You Were Gay: The Sequel

Kean is currently chasing Roselene and friends because they were making fun of Kean's favorite magazine. He was chasing them nonstop for 20 minutes now. Sometimes he trips and they would laugh at his misfortune.

After chasing Roselene and the others, Kean went to the school garden to clear his mind from his annoying friends. Then Kean heard something.

"You know, if you're gay, that's okay. " said the voice.

Kean thought it was Paulo again. "Go away Paulo!" he shouted.

"I'm not Paulo." the voice said.

Kean realized that the voice wasn't Paulo's. The voice sounded soft and gentle. Kean knew who it was.

"Finessa?" he asked. Finessa was his best friend.

"Yeah, it's me" she said.

"I thought you were Paulo. I really hate that jerk. I'm not gay." Kean said.

"Well, you know Kean, if you're not gay, you shouldn't be bothered by it. It seems that you're very bothered." she said.

"OKAY! I'm GAY!!!!" he shouted. After that he cried onto Finessa's shoulder. Finessa gladly accepted him.

"That's okay Kean. You let it out." she comforted him.

"But… Everyone will know that I'm gay." he explained.

"So what if you're gay? You're still my best friend." she said. "Maybe more…" she whispered so Kean wouldn't hear it but Kean heard it.

"What do you mean Maybe More?" he asked.

"Well…You see…ahh….Well.. I love you." she said.

"You… love me?" he asked.

"Well that was before I knew you're gay." she added.

"Oh… So that means you don't love me anymore huh?" he said gloomily.

"Well, no. I love you even if you're gay." she said.

Then Finessa lifted Kean's head and they kissed.

After the kiss, there was an awkward silence. Then Kean spoke.

"Finessa, I love you too."

"I love you too Kean." she said.

After that, it was dismissal. When Kean and Finessa got out, a large group of students were staring at Kean. Then they laughed at Kean.

"Hey, that's the gay kid!" one said.

"Yeah! " said another.

When they laughed at Kean, Kean started to cry but Finessa tried to calm him down.

"They're just full of themselves. Don't give in to their insults." Finessa said.

Then they heard a voice.

"Yes! The video has received 1,893,375,536,646 views!!!" said a girl. Kean knew her very well.

"TANYA!!!! YOU'RE DEAD!!!" said Kean while trying to catch her.


"I guess some things can't change." Finessa thought.

"But, at least I get to say to him my true feelings." she added.

Surely, this is one heck of a day!

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