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My heart beat faster, and faster as he got closer. He was standing inches away from my body, his hot clouds of breath fanning my face. I could feel his body heat surrounding me compleatly when he placed both arms to my sides caging me against the wall. My back was flat against it, as if I wanted to escape by becoming part of the white surface holding me up. It seemed all strenght had left my body and I could only try helplessly to anticipate what his next move would be.

My hands trembled as he leaned down and nuzzled into the space where my shoulder met my neck. He knew that was an extremely weak spot for me, and I felt his smirk against my skin when his actions brought a quiet gasp to my lips. Slowly, very slowly he traced his path up to my face. He dragged his nose in feather like touches, from my shoulder to my neck, and up my neck until he softly caressed my nose with his. His lips were now so close that if he uttered, even the slightless of syslabels, they would touch mine.

I dared not breath as I could only stare at his entracing lips. He was tortouring me, I knew. He was the biggest playboy and I was the only one that got away from him. He thought I didn't want him and he was tasting the waters. Clearly, it was not the case. I just kept my distance because I didn't want my heart broken.

His huge, muscular arms slid off the wall and circled my waist. Lower they went until they reached my ass. With one quick squeeze to my bum, he retreated and continued walking down the hall. He left me hanging against the wall, trying to gain my breath back, hot and bothered.

Noah hadn't always been like this. Our parents weren't best friends, but they were pretty close. The met when my family moved to the house next to theirs. We would meet for dinner and lunchs, and that type of stuff. I was starting middle school when we came to the new house, and considentaly, went to the same one Noah did. Being close at home, we had a very good friendship and got closer as years went by. However, never to the extent of best friends.

When we started High School, he got into the swimming team and with his new body he became a manwhore. I mean, who wouldn't? With girls throwing themselves at him, I would have diagnosed him mentaly ill, or gay.

He knew I had had a big crush on him when we were in middle school, and was astonished to discover that I wasn't going to spread my legs and beg him to take me. But I had more decency than those girls who drooled all over him. So when he became our school's sex god, most naturaly, I pulled away from him. And the frist time he did a pass at me, I turned him down. The first girl ever, as far as I knew, how ever said no to him. Quite a shock to the poor guy. He was sure he would score, because I was the pathetic little girl who had been in love with him. As soon as I realised he was capabe of taking advantage of my feelings, or anyone's for that matter, to satisfy his sexual needs I ignored him. He became a stranger. The guy next door, who I only knew by sight.

And now, after years of not having any type of contact except idle conversation in our family's get-together, he was staying at my house indefinitely until his parents came back from Florida. They had gone to see his grandmother, and as it was his last summer –senior year was over. High School was over, at last- he had wanted to stay with his friends which he wouldn't see for a long time after. My parents being the sweeties they are, offered to let him stay at our place. Delighted, Noah's parents were eager to agree.

Hence, my current dilema. Having Noah parade around the house without a T-shirt on, see him coming out of the bathroom with only a thin towel hanging low on his hips, or watch him practice on our pool was enough to drive my hormones into over-drive. Not only was that enough torture, but nightly encounters such as this one, were very often and I didn't think I was going to be able to take any more teasing. After all, my crush had developed until love. Yes, love, that hateful emotion. Sigh, I am in deep shit.

'Good morning, sunshine.' My mom greeted me as I came into the kitchen. I sleeply greeted back and sat down to eat. Noah was already through half his breakfast when I came down and the dark look he sent me had me squirming in my seat. I admit it wasn't the most adecuate thing to wear, but it was summer, it was hot and it was my house. So, yeah, I was in blue short shorts and a white top. Sue me.

He stood up and I couldn't help but notice how the muscles in his arms and back contracted. 'Well, I'm off to train.' He kissed my mother on the cheek, and walked towards me as if to kiss me as well, but instead he leaned down and sucked on my earlobe. 'I'll see you later, Addie' He whispered hotly against my ear. I visibly shivered. Satisfied, he directed a smirk to me, and turned towards my mother with his most boyish smile.

'Bye, Ms Knight. I'll see ya' later.'

Chipper as ever and without suspecting anything, my mother answered enthusiastically back. I looked the other was as he passed by me to the door, trying to hide my blush.

I spent a very productive day doing absolutvely nothing. The heat was really getting to me and I had no strength nor energy to do whatever, really. So I just layed around the house until it was 5 o' clock. I took a shower and spent two hours for my hair to dry, and prepare. During which, I spoke to some friends on IM, and asked for advice. For I, Addie Knight had a date tonight.

Around quarter past seven I made my way back to the bathroom, to find it occupied. I knocked unceasingly on the door, until it opened. Cathcing me by surprise I almost fell to the floor had it not been for two strog arms who caught me just in time. Adjusting my robe tighter to my body I hastily stood up and steped away from Noah. Muttering a quick thanks I ushered him to move from the door. Taking his sweet time, I'm sure just to piss me off more, he let me trough into the room.

'Why so upset, Addie?'

I scoffed, 'I'm not upset, Noah. I'm in a hurry.'

I could see him leaning against the doorframe and raising his eyebrowse at me. 'May I ask, why?'

The fact that he was shirtless, made me nervous and I fumbled with my makeup. 'I've got a date tonight.' Very preoccupied with applying mascara I didn't notice the murderous look on his face, or how he moved closer to me until his chest was practically pressed againt my back.

Bending over so he could reach my ear he hissed in a low, threatening voice 'What?'

Startled, I dropped my eyeliner and stared at his face in the mirror. Now, he had made me really angry.

'What is your fucking problem, Noah? I said I've got a date. I don't see nothing wrong with it. Now if you will excuse me.' I pushed against his chest with both my hands and as soon as I was able to create some distance between us, slipped away towards my bedroom.

When I got to my bedroom I slipped off my robe covering my naked body and started dressing. Noah barged in as I finished puting my bra on. The noise of the door banging against the wall, made me jump in surprise and turn around. He stood there, face red from anger and fist clutching the towel so tightly, his knuckels were turning white. He walked towards me in decesive strides, while I tried to cover myself up. My face was red from embarrasment, and a little bit of anger.

'What the fuck, Noah? I'm sure your mother has taught you how to knock!'

Roughly grabing my arm he pushed me up to his face. Scared for the first time of him, I stared with wide eyes at his handsome face. It was contorted in fury giving his features a sharper edge, more darker and dangerous.

Lowly, so very low it gave me shivers he whispered, 'Who is he?' Pissed off now, I took on a more determined look and not willing to back down I whispered in the same tone, 'Who says my date is a he?'

He growled, literally growled, at me. 'Don't fuck with me, Addie. Who the fuck is he?'

'Why do you care? Fuck, Noah, I don't go on a rampage everytime you fuck someone, so I don't see how me going on a date is getting you so worked on.'

I don't know if it was possible, but his stare turned solid black and my fear returned as he shook violently shooke me by the arms. 'You are fucking him, aren't you?' Shock cursed through my whole body and I went limp. 'Are you, or aren't you?' I was stuned into silence, and I found it impossible to answer him. How could he think that? He pushed me into the bed, and looked at me on last time before he left.

I called Derek that night and told him that I was feeling sick, and even though I really wanted to, I couldn' go out. He was disappointed but hoped I would get better. I crawled into bed and stayed there all night. I ignored messagges and calls, even my mother's knocks at my door. I wasn't able to sleep.

A month went by, and we didn't speak to each other. Noah went out every night and I tried to evade him as much as possible. During the day I stayed away from the house, and went out with my friends. At night I stayed at home, in my room, tortuoring myself by hearing him come in with a new girl every night. I truly was a masochist.

When we crossed paths late at night for whatever reason (a late night snak, or a bathroom necessity) he wouldn't even look at me. I missed his body heat. Even though I knew he meant nothing with his actions, I still longed for them.

One night around 4 am, when I had finally achived to fall asleep, I was awoken by two arms sneaking around my waist and pulling me against a hard chest. Terrified, I stared into the darkness of my room, until I realised who it was and felt safe it wasn't a creep. Even so, my heart only started beating more erraticaly and I couldn't help but be tense. Noah nuzzled his face into my hair and murmured in a drunken stupor, which explained what he was doing laying down on my bed, my name. He pulled me tighter against him, and murmured in my ear.

'Addie, god Addie. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have treated you like I did. But, dammit, you were standing there making yourself all sexy –not that you aren't most of the time-, but you actually tried this time, and you never did that for me. And you were doing it for some random guy, and when I came into your room and you were changing, and you had that sexy underwear on, I couldn't help but get all jealous and the emotions took control of me and, I'm sorry. There is no excuse for what I did. And I miss you, and I really l...' He fell asleep on me. Just like that. After dumping all of that on me, he just fell asleep and I couldn't help but wonder what he was gonna say. Would he say loved me? That couldn't be possible. It would be too good to be true.

When I woke up the next morning, he was gone. I asked my mother where he was, and she told me he had left early in the morning. For the rest of the day, I saw nothing of him. I went to a Starbucks with some friends, but my mind kept drifting off to last night and I couldn't help but want to talk to Noah.

He wasn't home to dinner, and I didn't see him when I went to bed. However, I was hoping to see him in one of our late encounters. I kept myself half awake the whole night waiting to hear movement inside his room that would warn me he had left it. My chance presented itself around 3 am. When I was sure he was a safe distance from my door, I peeked outside and saw him walking down the stairs to what I presumed would be the kitchen. Very quietly I followed him, until I had him cornered.

'Why have you been avoiding me?' I stared at him with my arms crossed in front of me, which I was sure made my chest pop out more. I knew I was correct by the way his eyes went down there automatically. I couldn't bring myself to care.

He looked at everything, except me. 'Wat are you talking about? I wasn't avoiding you.'

'Liar. After last night, you got scared and tried to avoid me the whole day. And don't try to deny it because I know when you lie.'

Determination crossed his face, and he walked until he was inches away from me. However intimidating, I wasn't going to back down. 'Yes, I got scared. But everything I said was true. And I don't care what you think, but I don't like you going out with anyone who isn't me.'

'You have no right to decide who I go out with, or not. If that were the case, I would have every right to tell you you are a manwhore and to stop sleeping around because I don't like you shaging anyone who isn't me. And as you took the liberty to tell me anyways, I will too.' A surprised look crossed his feature, but soon it turned into a sly one. Confused, I thought of what I had say and coloured when I realised what I had implied. 'Not in that way, you sick asshole. I was trying to make a point.'

The predatory stance he took, alerted me he wasn't buying my bullshit. 'Oh really now, Addie? Because if you wanted me to fuck you, you could just have told me and I would have happily complied.'

Without a second to lose, he pounced on me and sealed my lips shut with his own. The moment I had been waiting for years, was so much better than in my imagination. His mouth worked on mine, as he pushed me against the wall, and wrapped my legs around his waist. He knew how to make a woman feel good, and I blushed everytime a moan came from me. Even so, he wasn't the only one who knew who to pleasure someone, and I was glad to know I could make him stir just as easily. Battling for dominance, he walked us up to my room. He won our little war, as he layed us down on my bed. He pressed me hard against it, and as he left my mouth to attach himself to my neck, he whispered possesively -'Your mine, Addie.'-, and pushed our groins together as to mark his point. And for the rest of the night, he achieved what he had be wanting since he became a sex symbol: to do Addie Knight.

Naked and sweaty, I layed in bed watching Noah Puttock sleep peacefully with his arms around me. I couldn't believe what I had just done. A few tears escaped my eyes, and dropped into his face. It was enough to wake him and make him look at me. Concerned covered his face, as he took mine into his hands asked what was wrong.

'Nothing, it's just... I didn't want this.'

Hurt flashed thorugh his face, and covered the concern completly. He romeved is hands and body from mine and made a move to step off the bed. 'I'm sorry'.

I was confused for a second, but then I realised what I had just said and hurried to push him next to me before he left. 'Not like that. You are a playboy and I'm in love with you and now that you had your chance with me, you will move onto your next conquest.' I hid my face away from his eyes, but he took my chin in his hand and made me look at him.

'You little idiot, I love you too. Other girls were just a distraction. For fuck's sake I knew you were a virigin, and I don't know what you think of me but I'm not so low as to take a girl's virginity and leave her.' He laughed delighted, and covered my gaping lips with his smiling ones.

I know happily ever afters don't exist but maybe, at least for now, I could pretend they did.


Love always,