Chapter Six: At The Breakfast Table

"Are you going to talk about it?" I asked.

It was around eight o'clock at night, an hour before the Mukherjee family sat down for dinner. Iemon and I were in my room upstairs. He was sitting on the woolen carpet he'd pushed me on to so unceremoniously in the morning, watching the television in my room. It was tuned to one those mindless programs he liked. When he ignored me the first time, I cleared my throat and tried again.

"Erm, Iemon?" I said, tentatively, "Are you listening to me."

Great! He was giving me the silent treatment. As if it was my fault I walked in on those stupid bullies, and tried to do something about it. Wasn't Iemon the one who kept insisting that I ought to do something about passiveness?

In reply to my question, my beloved stepbrother simply increased the volume of the television. And that got me really mad. Because I really disliked being ignored, especially when I was bursting to know what the hell the whole power struggle was back in the evening!

"IEMON!" I yelled.

When there was still no reply, I lunged forward from my bed, and fell on top of Iemon, knocking the stupid remote control out of his hands. I forced him to look up at me, by seizing the collar of his shirt with both my fists.

"Quit ignoring me," I breathed down his neck almost, "And answer me!"

"Oh for heaven's sake," muttered Iemon through gritted teeth, "What do you want, Sara?"

"What was that whole thing with those people at the sea side today? And don't say it's nothing. Because I know it certainly IS not." I told him.

"I'll tell you," he replied in a defeated voice, "if you let go off me! Do you know you're lying on top of me?"

I went crimson at this comment, and immediately leapt up from him. I could distinctly see him smirking at me. Iemon knew all too well he'd touched a nerve with his comment!

"Gotcha!" he grinned, and then he promptly got off the floor and left!

He just left the bloody room. Without an explanation, without wishing me goodnight or even passing one lewd comment! Which, considering it is Iemon, is quite strange…but still, I cursed him, he should have told me what was up. I mean, I am supposed to be his stepsister. Right?

Why would he want to keep secrets from me? I wouldn't tell anyone. Iemon knew that.

So… why all these secrets? That was the last thought which crossed my mind before everything went completely blank.

The next day I woke up to find Raja knocking urgently at my door around nine o'clock in the morning. Iemon hadn't turned up for dinner last night, and since I'd collapsed into my bed right after he'd left, I didn't know that. Till of course Raja informed me about it.

"Sara, Iemon's bed has not been slept in. I wondered if he'd spent the night in your room."

If sleep hadn't been such a huge part of my body at the moment, I'd have certainly found this statement wrong on so many levels. But of course, sleepy brains can only stress on one important point: my stepbrother was missing.

"No," I replied, trying not to yawn in his face, "He left around eight fifteen last night, and I've not seen him since."

I was still wearing the clothes I'd donned on from yesterday evening. God, when would I get a spare minute to change or even shower? I wanted to scream. Now, bathing and changing would have to wait. I had to find a runaway schoolboy.

"I'll go look for him," I said in a defeated voice, "I don't think I'll have much luck…"

"Oh, that won't be necessary," Raja smiled at me, "We're used to him disappearing off with Rapier."

"Rapier?" I said blankly.

"His bike," laughed the old man, "surely you'd figured out that by now. Seeing how, he finally let you ride with him yesterday."

"How do you even know about that?" I asked, startled.

He simply shrugged and said, "Well, all the workers here know everything, you see."

When I continued looking bemused he simply said, "Come down and have your breakfast. I dare say you'd find Mr. Mukherjee a lot more agreeable today that before."

Oh great! Iemon ditched me again with his father. This will be a cheerful breakfast. Just me and my stepbrother's father, and as if I don't know every time he asks me if I like something, he is really thinking to himself, 'and this girl's father stole my wife' or something to that extent.

But when I did go down to breakfast, there was someone else at the table: a rather beautiful and snotty looking woman, doubtless, Mr. Mukherjee's fiancée.

"Oh hello Sara," he smiled at me, almost genuinely, "And where is my son off to this morning?"

"I don't know," I replied truthfully, "I have no idea."

"Never mind, I guess he'll be back for lunch."

I just stared at him. I wanted to ask if he realized that his son had been missing since last night. But of course, being simply Iemon's stepsister, it wasn't my place to make such comments.

"In the meanwhile, I would like you to meet someone," he continued as if Iemon's disappearance was something natural, "this is my fiancée, Rebecca. Rebecca, this is Sara."

"Oh, how do you do?" Rebecca said, holding out her hand. I took it, and said 'fine thank you'.

I took my usual place, across from the seat where Iemon usually sat. Today it had been filled by Rebecca, however. I wondered vaguely how he'd feel seeing someone else in his place. I needn't have painted amusing scenes in my head though, because a minute later I heard an all too familiar voice yelling.

"I'm home! Raja! What's for breakfast? Is Sara up yet?"

And then Iemon entered the dining room, caught my eye and grinned at me. Then he looked over at where Rebecca was sitting, his grin froze. His eyes traveled from Rebecca's face to his father's and finally landed on mine.

"Come on, Sara," he said, "let's go get some real breakfast."

I did not need telling twice. I practically jumped off my seat and rushed over to where he was standing.

"Sorry we can't join you for breakfast," he said coldly. Then he turned and walked away, with me close at his heels.

Though I liked being rescued from Mr. Mukherjee, I couldn't really say if I really trusted his obnoxious, evil, arrogant, unpredictable son much.

Author's Note:Not a very big chapter and nothing major happens, but it's kind of a filler, I believe...also I was posting another story of mine...I hope I finish this story before this year ends though. I can't believe I'd first published this story in the new year and now it's nearly over! How time flies :D