Author's Introduction

Greetings! Welcome to Words A Day 2011.

Words A Day is a project that consists in me writing a piece of work every day. It could be a story, an anecdote, an essay, whatever comes to mind. However, my main focus will be poems.

Since this is going to be an extensive project, I'll be separating what I upload in months, for better organization.

However, take into account that this is pretty much hit or miss. As Jonathan Mann (the Song A Day guy) on youtube says, pretty much 70% of this is going to be mediocre, 20% will be just plain bad or sucky, and the other 10% will be somewhat good/great/amazing/god-like. It's a numbers game, so if you want to play, keep on reading please!

Also, consider that I am open for requests. If you want me to write about a specific subject, leave a review or PM me.

Also, I'd really appreciate if you leave small reviews of what I upload. It could be anything from ratings (9/10, etc.) to more complete constructive criticism. That way I'll be able to filter all the best works that I've done into a compendium.

So, without further ado, welcome to The Reborn January of Words A Day 2011!

I'll do my best to write enjoyable (or at least entertaining) works for you all.