What Is Next? (Jan 31)

Here comes the last day of the month,
and I'm sitting here wondering if what I did was wrong.
Not that I did a lot of things.

But you just kinda say to yourself that it's okay.
I mean, I didn't hurt anybody or anything.
It's just that I've lost some things.

There's nothing left but to look at what's ahead
and keep walking with your head high, ready for what's next.

And what is next?

The Loving February.

That's about it for The Reborn January, folks. Thanks to everyone who read this (277 hits and 76 visitors, w00t!) and a big thank you and a big hug and a big love you to Elizabeth Dare who reviewed every single entry of this month. I sure hope more people will take time to review what I do, it would be neat.

The Reborn January Is Over

Words A Day 2011 continues in "The Loving February".