Chapter 1

I sat confused, looking down.

His eyes were light blue and his hair was golden, but now it was pale like a faded photograph and his eyes were pale and accusing. His T-shirt was covered in blood. He was dead. My boyfriend was dead and I had no idea what happened.

The first thing I did was scream.

Then, cold hands grabbed my shoulders, "It's going to be alright, Mrs!"

I looked away from his eyes, dead eyes, and stared at a black window.

My eyes were emerald and my black hair was pulled into a high ponytail that curled at the end. I wore a light green dress with a gold lining. My hands were covered in blood. My skin was pale, even more so than it usually was.

The man escorted me to an ambulance. He had dark brown hair and wore light blue clothing, like a doctor. Like a doctor!

He checked me out slowly, especially lingering on the top of my dress, where there was a giant blood stain.

"I'm John. You're just in shock. You'll be fine." Then he looked up and then froze.

His eyes were intense dark chocolate. They were orbs of light. They were a new path.

I smiled, "I'm Alaina."

"Just in case there's a problem, I'll, uh, come to your home in the morning to check." He smiled.

"Let's call it a date."

"How old are you?




"Well, I'll call it one if you do." He said.

We would've stayed there, standing forever, if the driver hadn't received a call. So, with a sweeping bow, John jumped in the ambulance and drove away.

A police officer brought me to their car. In what seemed like seconds I was at the end of my drive way. I stepped out.

My boyfriend was dead. I just lost another person. I let tears fall down my cheeks as I opened the door. I didn't believe this.

. . .

I quickly brushed my hair. I was going to head over to that girl's home, so I decided to look presentable. Throwing on a quick jacket, I walked into the cool california air.

Naturally, it took a little while to get to Alaina's house, but once I got there it was hard to miss. The building was huge. It had white columns that led up to a huge white house with a bunch of purple roses and vines that made the place rather dark.

I slid out of my car and knocked on the door.

It opened soundlessly to reveal Alaina. She wore a simple blouse and tattered jeans. Her hair was down. She smiled.

"Hi, John. Please, come in." She was being polite, but I could hear the pain in her voice.

She led me to a room on the second floor that had a double bed and a flat screen. She curled up on the bed.

I walked over and sat as she began talking, "I can't believe he's dead. And I don't even remember w-what happened."

"I'm sure you just blocked it out of your mind. Something so painful . . . ." I whispered.

She looked at me, "But he's still de-dead."

I sighed and changed the subject, "Well, I should see how you're doing."

I looked her over physically. It seemed to ease her, but I was mostly listening to the way she talked at the way she reacted to different things.

"You'll be okay. You're just dealing with great stress."

She looked down, "I barely even knew him."

I grabbed her hand, "I'm sure he was a great guy."

She ripped her hand out of my grasp and stood up. For a second I wondered what I said wrong. Then, she turned around.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Her eyes weren't puffy . . . and weren't they green?

Dark blue eyes stared at him, "He was not a 'good guy' in any way. He acted like a good guy until he'd get a girl to date him. Poor Alaina."

"Aren't you Alaina?" I whispered.

"This is her body. You may call me Alaria. Our souls are intertwined."

I nodded.

"Now, that boy charmed her, lured her into the ally. Then he grabbed her and twisted her arm behind her back. Just check for the marks. She cried and I was awoken once again. So, I . . . intervened." She smiled, "You should've seen his face when I was stronger than him. Then I killed him. There is no evidence. And she didn't realize when I took over, so I just wiped her memory. Oh, and if you hurt her in any way, I will kill you, just like the rest."

I stared.

She smiled at me, then her eyes were green. Alaina blinked looking at the bed.

"She spoke to you, didn't she?"