I noticed them as I sat, sipping on a cup of coffee. He must feel so awkward, why is he even with them? He just sat pouring cream in his coffee, constantly stirring, looking up once in a while only to see his friend give his girlfriend a kiss, then looking back down. Two tables to the left there's a girl that looks absolutely bored. Across from her is a couple, probably both her friends. I imagine these two suddenly making eye-contact with each other and feeling some sort of spark, like a typical, overused storyline. Unfortunately, that never happens. Nothing exciting ever happens in real life.

I turned my attention back to my textbook: "The small size and relatively high electronegativity of the beryllium atom cause its bonds to be more covalent than is usual for a metal." I must admit, chemistry quickly bores me. It's all numbers and big words that you either understand or you don't. Who cares about chemistry anyway? I don't care about the components that my coffee is made out of.

Nothing in this world really matters. We will all die sometime anyway, so what do we need all this for. I sighed and tried to concentrate on the words in my textbook. Oh well, things will be over soon anyway. I think back to the pills sitting on my mother's dresser. I had it refilled just three days ago, it should be enough.

Ping! I hear the coffee shop door open. A guy with unkempt hair, an old leather jacket, khaki pants with dried up paint, and an olive green shirt walked in. He quickly scanned the coffee shop and his eyes fell on me. He gave a large smile and waved at my direction, I looked behind me to make sure that he was waving at me. But I was in the corner, of course no one was behind me. He started to walk towards me, already halfway here.

He sat down across from me and a waitress handed him a menu. "Hello, you don't mind if I sit here, do you?" I just stared at him, it's a slow day for the cafe. He shrugged and took my silence being "yes."

He down the menu without even glancing at it and waved at the waitress. "Can I get a chocolate cheesecake and tall caramel latte? Thanks." The waitress took his order and left, he then turned his attention back to me and smiled.

I continued to stare back at him, not sure what to do. Did I know him? I studied his face. Slightly longer hair than most guys, eyes tell me he's Asian, nose tells me he's Japanese. "Fix your hair," I suddenly blurted, unable to think of anything else.

He was taken aback by my unexpected words. "Ok, then," he said, quietly laughing as he fixed his hair. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to my book. No point in entertaining this guy.

I saw him lean towards me. I sighed in exasperation and put down my book, "What?"

"You're interesting," was his only reply. I stared at him once again, taken aback. That seems to be all I can do with this guy. "This week you've been sitting here alone, either reading or observing people," he continued I raised an eyebrow and he laughed again, "I just realized how creepy that might have sounded. Well, this will actually sound creepier." He leaned in closer, just inches from my face. "I've been watching you through the window."

I felt like I had no choice but laugh a little at the remark. "You work at the stands?" I indicated towards the newspaper stand that faces the coffee shop windows.

The waitress came back with his cheesecake and latte. "Thanks," and he took a bite and drink before turning his attention back to me.

"Do I look like someone that works at a newspaper stand?" My eyes trailed down and looked at his clothes. He leaned back down and crossed his arms into a defensive position, looking insulted. It really wasn't something that bothered me so if he wasn't going to talk anymore, might as well get back to "studying."

Suddenly, I felt his hand gently push the side of my head. "I paint," he said.

"What?" I look up and faced him.

"I paint. You know that mural on the shop next to this? I'm painting it."

"Hmm, okay," I went back to reading. He pushed my head again, "What?" exasperation apparent in my tone.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"I don't know you, so why should I give you my name?"

"I'm Mikio, how about I give you a name, if you don't wanna gimme yours? How does Shizu sound? Or Isana?"

"I prefer 'Isana,'" I said slowly, " I think."

"Okay then Isana, I'm Mikio, nice to meet you!" He reached out a hand, I gave in and shook it.

"Nice to meet you too."

"Awesome," he went back to eating and I continued to read.

"Are you sure you're not a stalker?"

"Fairly sure," he replied, still following me. I stopped walking. He sighed, "Fine, I'll go on ahead, nice meeting you Isana, see you around. You'll be there tomorrow, right?" he smiled, waved, turned around, and walked away. I waited until he was out of sight before I continued to walk home, thinking of the small container sitting on my mother's dresser..

I paused and tried to arrange my thoughts. I looked back. He's an interesting guy, I though, even I had to admit it. "Haha," I laughed at myself. Life may not be so boring after all.

Note: The name 'Shizu' means 'silent/quiet' and the name 'Isana' means 'strength/ruler of the land.'

It's a short story and I hope you enjoyed. Please review :)