He came home with that lipstick stain collar, and as always it pisses me off, but what am I to do about it. Well we'll see now won't we?

~5 years earlier~

It's finally happening! I'm going on a date with my very FIRST boyfriend and I can't wait. I know 18 is a bad age to be having a first boyfriend, but who cares right? I mean it's not like I'm ugly or anything. I'm not anything special but I've been told I have a pretty face and nice hair, again I'm not perfect.

He's great nice smile cute butt awesome hair. His name is Eric. Oh did I mention I met him online? Yeah all my friends said not to meet him and he might be an older guy who want's to rape me but he wasn't. For once I didn't listen to my friends and I'm so happy I didn't! I think he's the best thing that ever happened in my life!

~1 month of dating later~

He brings me a rose everyday. It's nice having someone who cares around. His smile is still just as nice as when I first met him. He still has that cute butt and awesome hair. I love him. Actually I told him last night. He didn't seem to care much but I'm sure he loves me back, but if he didn't that would crush me! I'm going to his house tomorrow because it's his birthday, I don't know why he told me not to but I'm going anyways.

~Eric's birthday~

It's Eric's birthday today! I bought him a small cake just for him and some new cologne! My step dad used to wear one with a similar smell and I loved it! It always made me feel alive whenever he was near. Anyways I'm already at his door. I rung the door bell twice. Finally he yelled it's opened. I walked in and there sat him and some chick. I didn't know her but I've seen her around. He had his arm around her waist. He saw me and immediately took his hand away from the familiar girl. She's dead to me. She stole him from me. But I'm sure Eric Doesn't love her.

"Do you love her?" I asked I don't care if everyone hears our conversation!
"What, Ann what are you talking about hun?" He said and looked at the other girl in shock.
"HUN???" Yelled the other girl.
"Oh um well." He was cut off by me.
"I asked if you love her." I said my eyes glued to the girl.
"Yes, but I love you too!" He yelled.
"Who do you love more?" I asked
"Of course it's me!" Yelled the girl who now I'm hating even more.
"Are you guy's really going to make me choose on my birthday?" He asked hoping for a no.
"YES!" Yelled the girl that shouldn't even be here.

He didn't say anything. He just looked down. Thinking? I hope he's thinking about staying with me because no matter what I need him. He didn't say anything again but walked over to her. Did he choose her? Why?!? He should have chose me! That's not fair! She stole him!

"Sorry babe but I can't be with you we've only known each other for a week." He said to the girl
"Whatever I'm leaving!!" She yelled slamming the door on her way out.
"I thought you were going to choose her." I choked out as I cried.
"Why would I when I have you??" He whispered in my ear.
"If you do it again you won't have anyone, that's a promise not a threat!" I yelled still crying.

~That night~

"I have to go I'll see you later?" I said
"Do you want a ride home?" He asked. He's so sweet!
"No I'm fine I can walk." I said not wanting him to know what I was planning

She should be at the usual place I see her. The rink. It's a place young adults go to meet up with boyfriends and girlfriends and what not. I was right. She's here. No one's ever here so late at night. She sees me I have to put my plan in action!

"Oh so it's the whore who stole my man??" She said thinking she would anger me.
"No it's more like the girl whose going to kill you!" I screamed in anger.
"You think you can kill me?? Hah! I doubt it!" She yelled back.
"By the way he was never yours not even once." I said

And those were the last words she heard before she "committed suicide". Well at least that's what the cops think. They never even suspected me. It was great.

~2 years later~

One minute and we'll find out. The clock is ticking. I hate that clock in our bathroom. It's loud and you can hear it in the room next door when you sleep. It's done! I can't look. But if I don't I'll never know!

"I'M PREGNET ERIC!!!!!!!" I yelled as loud as I could.
"DAMN!!!!!!" He yelled back.
"Oh come on we can take care of a baby just marry me!" I said walking out of the bathroom.
"You already know I'm going to marry you but I wanted to buy a ring first! With a baby I wont be able to get you a ring!" He said
"Well what do you want me to do get an abortion?!?!" I asked
"NO!" He yelled
"I will if I have to!" I screamed

After a year we married the baby was born we had. It was amazing! It hurt but It was really amazing. The baby was so tiny I thought that if I held her she would brake!

~One month later~

I can't take it anymore this baby's a pain in my neck. I don't think baby's are amazing at all how could someone love this thing? I decided I don't want it and if I don't nobody else will! I'll kill it. If I don't have it no one will.

It's done the baby's gone.

~2 years later~

I hate him. He came home with that lipstick stain collar, and as always it pisses me off, but what am I to do about it. I should kill him. I don't know who he's cheating on me with so I can't kill her. But I can kill him. If I can't have him to myself on earth I'll have him in heaven!

"Hey honey! How was "WORK"??" I asked.
"Shut up you cold hearted bitch! Murderer!!" he yelled at me the same words he does every night he comes home.
"Your right I am a murderer, but it's something I have to do!" I yelled back and pulled out my gun .
"I see your going to kill me too like you kill that girl and our- no my baby." he said back.
"I have to if I can't have you to myself I'll have you in heaven!" I told him.
"No babe your not going to heaven, murderers don't go there. Your going to hell!" He said not a tint of fear in his voice. That crazy bastard!

~Next week~
Two shot's. she shot him and than herself. The cops found her diary. She was psycho. She killed anyone who crossed her. Since she was 6 year's old she was killing. SHE was a true cold hearted bitch and no one knew it, but her victims. She killed everyone who loved her. Written on her wrist was " My name is Anny not Ann!"