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Chapter 1: Prologue: 1, 2 and 3 Wishes

The King of Vanity, an image I created. I yearned to be the best, to be number one. I remember when it all started, an eight year old me full of pride. Now that I think back, could I have stopped myself? I decided to put that off until later, it was time for school. I decided to think of only good thoughts, the words I used to get.

"Beck thanks for the help. I understand that math problem now. Y=mx+b, right?"

"Yeah Beck, you're the best!" They used to admire me, I was their god. Not long after being their god for seven years, Zach interrupted my life cycle. At the age of twelve I was told my 14 year old cousin had to move in with us for a while. Back then I didn't mind but I didn't know what he was capable of. He only lived in the house for a few months when I found out his true colors. In three he took my family's attention and in three years he took the whole community. This wasn't a simple matter of sibling rivalry; this was a life or death situation. I felt ignored over these three long years with him, it was a living nightmare. I pondered how these events came to be and became engulfed in rage. Even though I love Aunt May and Uncle George, the son they produced just wouldn't go away. The train ride to North Ridge wasn't long or tiresome but as I walked into class early only to see Zach's bag there, he had beaten me. Now notable promptness at school was well enough out of my reach. I sat at my desk and pulled out a book, "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding. It was a fairly good book with a load of detail packed into 12 chapters. I heard footsteps pass through hall and thought nothing of it, until I knew who it was.

"Hey, cousin, why are you so early?"

"I could ask the same about you," I mumbled under my breath.


"Nothing, I just decided to come in early is all. What about you?"

"I have early football practice, then a student council meeting. High school is really busy these days. Well, later." Idiot jock, I've been coming in early since before you existed here but no one's told you about that. Probably because they all forgot about me!

I then became officially fed up so I took a walk along campus. As I walked the halls I heard a faint voice, I stopped.

"Young man, come over here." I turned to see a girl with gray hair and eyes, her skin looked ice cold.

"Who are you? Do you even go to this school?"

Just come over here, I don't bite," that's what this mysterious girl said but I was sooner ready to jump off a cliff then believe her. After a few minutes of standing in the center of the hallway I inched into the library. As I stepped in the doors closed.

"What kind of tom foolery is this? You said you wouldn't do anything!"

"Correction, I said I wouldn't bite, now did I?" So the bite statement was supposed to be taken literal?

"I know your problem and I know a potential way for you to solve it at the right price."

"What problem? You don't even know me!" I beginning to worry, this was freaking me out.

"The problem is your cousin; he's always in your spotlight, always in the way. You'd love to get rid of him, to do anything to put yourself on top." Was she trying to seduce me into using this potential problem solver and is it working?

"How, tell me what to do!"

"Eager? Very well then, take this rose. When you want to make a wish pluck a petal from the rose and let it fall while saying your wish. You only have three petals to use, three wishes."

"But…," before I could ask she was gone. As I looked at this rose its beauty was breath taking. But other than that it was an ordinary rose, how could this grant me wishes? It was red, had a couple of thorns, just an ordinary flower. School was a typical boredom now instead of a pleasure since Zach moved here so it felt eternal. Another day living in the shadows of my older cousin, nothing I can't change though, right? On the way home from school I was all ready to make my first wish. I dropped my school bag and headed toward the kitchen. I ignored the note on the table and decided to read it later, the sooner this wish was made the better.

"For my first wish, I wish that Zach, my cousin would disappear!" As the first petal fell, I felt a twinge of pride and regret. Later that night after finishing my weekend homework I went out shopping. Mom left me a list of things to buy because she had to work late tonight and my sister was sleeping over at her friend's house, for once I was home alone. After I ate dinner I decided to finally read that note. My sister and mother were leaving for the weekend and apparently on the road. Since they would be gone by the time I awoke the next morning I slept late. Saturday was a pretty typical day for me; I got a call from my friends telling me to meet at the movie theater. At the last freaking minute they decide to tell me to come out. Since it was "Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows" I let it slide. After going to the movies we ransacked the arcade, eventually we all ran out of pocket change. I looked at the clock in town square through the window and decided it was time I went home. We all say our goodbyes and headed home, Eric, Piper, and Garrett were pretty good friends. When I got home that night I changed my clothes, plopped down on the couch and decided to watch television. As I flipped through the channels, I heard a familiar name. When I went back to that channel I heard there was a car crash. Whenever I heard of tragic events like car crashes I can't help but to feel a bit of remorse, losing the ones you love is harsh.

"In the end, a mother and daughter died. Right now the names are…wait we have identified the victims. They're named Lily and Lola Ashton. If you know the victims you are asked contact the police. Now back to…" I jumped up and suddenly could not hear the television. My mother and sister are dead? I jumped up and remembered something important, the note on the kitchen table. I cowered in fear, my mother and sister had gone out with Zach on the road. He was driving the car and I made him disappear!

"I killed them!" My ego, pride, and some other third thing caused his to happen! A sudden thought occurred to me, the rose! I ran up to get the rose that girl gave me. When I looked at the rose the deep red color began to fade, I saw specks of black and there were more thorns. Being careful not to poke myself I plucked a petal from the flower and spoke my wish.

"I wish for my mother and sister to come back to life!"

"You cannot do that Beck Ashton! Defying the principle of space, time and nature is prohibited," I turned to see the girl I had met at school on Friday. She looked at me with sure fire fierceness in her eyes, but I rebelled.

"I don't care! They're all I have as family."

"Very well then, instead of bringing your loved ones back to life your wish has been altered. No one dead or alive has the power to bring the dead back to life. As a result your wish is automatically changed. It now gives you a twisted world." As I dropped the petal I noticed a certain balance, tipping.


"In the law of wishing, if a wish is too great or if it attempts to defy space-time principles then it is changed.

"Look out your window and reap the consequences!" Her voice resonated fiercely but her facial expression never changed. Out of the window stood a world twisted into my image. Fires everywhere, people fled frantically, like a good anime show at its most suspenseful moment.

"How do I change it, tell me?"

"Use your third wish and use it well." I gripped the rose in my hand and began to pluck off a petal, my final wish. I noticed this time that the rose began to fade more and more turning into a deep white. Not to mention more black splotches and thorns showed. I thought nothing of it and made my wish.

"I wish…everything was back to normal!"

"A price is to be made!" I stopped and look at her in disbelief, there was still more?

"Price, what price? You never told me about any price!"

"I felt it could wait until you got to the third wish point. Third wishes come with a price and yours will be a soul."

"All I have to do is sacrifice someone's life? Fine, as long as it's not…"

"Yours, the life will be yours! You were willing to sacrifice a life that has nothing to do with your problems. So, the life will be yours!"

"Wait…!" I opened my eyes in a dark place and she appeared before me.

"It's no use. By using your wishes unwisely you are doomed to become like me."

"Like what?"

"A Rose Giver, we give these roses to people who have too much worry in their loves like you. Then we instruct them on how to use the rose and watch them in the process. In some special cases the clients become like us but only on the rose planters whim.

"Tell me this then before I go, what's your name?"

"My name's Anya, come now Beck, we have a job for you."

"Will I ever see you again, Anya?" She shrugged and I saw her crack a grin before leaving her sight. Now that I was dead…now that I was gone, Zach had it all. The attention, the fame, all gone because I'm stupid. I hated him now more than ever but I also hated someone new, this is her fault too. I suddenly arrived at a small apartment possibly designed by a young woman, maybe in her 20's. I noticed my clothes were changed and the rose that granted wishes was in my hand. I also noticed that the rose I used to grant wishes was on my black tuxedo, it was white with black scratches and blood. The blood that I had shed was my own, I'm foolish. I walked over to the young lady, explained everything then handed her the rose.

"I know your problem and I know a potential way for you to solve it at the right price."

"How, what do I do?" She replied with the same eagerness as me, I chuckled.

"What is your wish?" I asked already knowing what it could be and what the third wish and price will be.

"I wish for…," and the petals fall.

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