(Dedicated to Lucy because she didn't need to ask)

Everywhere she walks
She leaves flecks of colours
The rainbow is imprinted
In the sole of her shoes

Me, I never learnt the order
I don't know the colour schemes
But I know her, I know Lucy
That's better than Indigo

She's amazed at my ignorance
And at my understanding
Of the colours she breathes
That I cannot name

But what is a name
When I can live it, breathe it?
When I can live and breathe Lucy
As she dances with Violet?

Blues and Greens and Reds
Are nothing compared to Lucy
Will never compare to the hues
She portrays in her smile

Lucy lives colours
I've never been able to order
But why memorise the sky
When they're envisioned in her hair?

Everywhere she walks
Colours follow her grace
Hoping to be oxygen –
Vitally important, like Lucy

I live and breathe Lucy
The colours she radiates
I know her, I know Lucy
And that's better than Indigo