You mean too much to me to ever mean nothing
And you'll always be worth the tears

But the only way for me to stop hurting

Is to try to erase these years

There's a reason you've missed every birthday

There's a reason you've stopped wanting to talk

There's a reason you don't want me to stay

And these are the reasons I'll walk

Quietly I'll disappear from your life

As painlessly for you as my loss

It'll be like slicing melted butter with a knife

It'll be like winning first place in a penny toss

And maybe right now it hurts a lot

And maybe right now I'm crying

Maybe right now it all feels for naught

Maybe a piece of me is dying

But I know that its made me stronger

Every false start at goodbye

And my heart will be warmer;

Opened wider to love the next guy

Is this really happening?

Honestly only time will tell

As far as I know, this one is lasting

Because my last hope? Just fell.