Delilah Glover stood just outside of the living room, tapping her French-manicured nails against the marble banister of the staircase in a series of sporadic clicking, due to her thoroughly annoyed disposition.

She didn't like to wait. Especially when it was so hot.

"Chelsea!" she screamed up the stairs for the second time. She rolled her eyes when she got a colourful reply back and then tried a different approach, as she proceeded to tap her heels impatiently.

Delilah looked like every other pretty little valley girl. She was tan and had natural, long blonde hair that hung in a rambunctious manner down to her rib cage, which was complimented by the mid-thigh airy yellow sundress she was wearing with the expensive Gucci black heels that were strapped to her feet. And although she felt no need to bring her sunglasses inside the house with her, she decided she probably needed them when she started driving again, so pushed up the big black bug-eyed shades to the top of her head.

The front door opened with a slam, just barely missing the crème coloured wall as it swung back, and the blonde turned with a raised brow towards the entrance.

She almost moaned in her throat as the man wiped at the sweat from his forehead, and she played the motion in a dramatic way in her head. It was like something from a Dior perfume advert. He smiled at her, and Delilah pursed her lips.

Matt was tan, blonde and nauseatingly gorgeous.

"Hey there, Delilah," he called from the other side of the room.

If anyone else had uttered the particularly annoying phrase, she would have bitched them out. But for some reason, she didn't have the heart to cuss out her best friend's delicious older brother. "Morning, Matt."

He smiled and two dimples appeared on his chiselled face. Delilah felt her heart race, but replied in the same manner, though with her own rather odd one-dimpled grin. She was told it was strange, but cute, nevertheless.

Matt was a couple of inches taller then her, with an incredibly athletic body. She could see the muscles outlining his relaxed black tank top and shuddered to think what he could do if provoked. He could probably bench-press her with one arm; the guy was packing guns on those strong, tanned arms of his.

He ran a hand through his short blonde hair and walked further into the house towards her. He glanced around the bottom floor, jerking his head and upper body here and there. The downstairs floor was quite open-plan, with the only separating wall being between the living and dining room, with the latter then being separated by a tabletop for preparing various foods - or, simply, lounging on during a party when everywhere else is full.

He shot her a puzzled, yet still smiling expression. "Do you need a ride anywhere?"

Delilah bit back a grin, but couldn't get a word in before her boisterous friend came bouncing down the stairs.

"Now Matt, why don't you run along and go pick up some chicks at work," her voice was droll, and certainly more of a statement then anything. "Delilah's off bounds, you hear?"

Tall, blonde and handsome rolled his eyes. Of course he'd heard. She would say it practically every other time he talked to the girl.

"Of course, little sister," he threw an amused smile at Delilah and rolled his eyes for emphasis. She smirked and laughed under her breath.

The little mousy-haired girl was left to wonder what was so funny as she finally descended the stairs and glanced suspiciously at the two. She wasn't left thinking for long, as Matt grabbed her in a one-armed hug and planted an over-exaggerated, loud kiss upon her forehead. It was now his sister's turn to roll her eyes, but it was clear his actions amused her greatly.

"I'll see you tonight," he let his arm slip off her and then turned his attention back to the smiling blonde in front of them. "See you later, Delilah."

Said girl gave him a sarcastic wave and a grin. Matt raised a far eyebrow and chuckled, grinning his dimpled glory of a smile at her and inclining his head before turning on his heel and leaving through the still open front door. The sun, then, trapped behind it and the sparkling floor suddenly losing some of its striking appeal.

Delilah's eyes lingered on the closed door for a second, before she looked at her now greatly amused friend, her previous anger at having to wait for her seemingly gone. "Morning, Chelsea." She said as she was scooped up into a hug.

She hummed at her, raising an eyebrow in an accusing manner. "Morning, indeed."

Delilah had the decency to act surprised, though she was used to strange acts like this. "What?"

The little mousy-haired girl suddenly grinned, her startling white teeth shining off the chandelier due to the huge bay windows enveloping the majority of the room in bright light.

"A little morning rendezvous, hm?" she had a bubbly pep in her step. "You really should stop leading the poor guy along." Not that you could damage his self-confidence, she almost added as an after-thought.

Delilah shook her head. "Seriously, where do you get this stuff?" she was willing to bet an online dating site on 'how to catch your best friend and brother in the act'. Scary thoughts. "I'm not interested in Matt. Sure, he's got a godly figure and he's completely gorgeous, but we're just...totally not at the place you're thinking of, Chels."

"Oh , shut up. Did you not just see the dimples?" Chelsea bumped her hip into her equally as giggly best friend. "My brother totally has the hots for you."

Delilah gasped and bumped her right back, "Nu-uh!" she playfully shoved her shoulder. "He's being friendly." Though that dimpled smile was a definite killer. She wouldn't like to be around that when she was inebriated...

She smiled coyly at her thoughts, and then glanced cautiously as that hyena-like grin spread across the brunette's face. Nothing good ever came out of that expression; she knew this from experience.

"Mhm. And Lady Gaga's a man."

Delilah stopped abruptly to give the girl a sceptic look.

Chelsea rolled her eyes, "You know what I mean."

Delilah laughed and linked arms with the girl.

For how long they'd been friends, it was amazing she was still going on about the subject. Ever since 2 years ago when she was just about to turn 16, and Matt was 19, she'd suddenly amassed the idea that the two of them would make the most 'adorable couple' that would 'shame even Brangelina'. It was now the end of September, with her 18th birthday but a little under a month away, and Chelsea had progressed into full fledged hallucinations.

Bless her heart, Delilah thought with wicked amusement.

The girls tittered out of the house in a giggling fashion, so much so that to any unknown passer-bys, they would look like they were in a drunken stupor.

Chelsea grinned in delight as her eyes met the twinkling yellow car parked in the driveway.

"I take it you're driving?"

Delilah didn't reply, but instead flashed her a grin as the set of sterling keys dangled from her index finger.

The girls took their respective seats and buckled up. Chelsea's fingers immediately danced towards the radio, and they were, to her distaste, assaulted with a string of dog-like screams.

Both girls cringed.

"What the fuck was that?" Delilah muttered as she spared the device a fleeting glance, eyeing it sceptically, wondering if the brutal 'music' would bark back to life, before turning her gaze back out the windshield to the clear road. It was entirely too safe, so she turned out onto the various suburban roads. "No idea. Sounds like something Matt would listen to if he was angry...and a goth," the brunette chuckled.

Delilah merely hummed, telling her friend she was listening, and let her focus rest upon the rapidly passing surroundings, rather than the bubblegum-pop that was now pumping through the stereo.

Each street they would pass would contain your typical all-American, suburban set up: unnecessarily huge, white - bordering on - mansions with freshly cut green gardens and large driveways (sometimes these would include such accessories as marble-pillar terraces, the mandatory pool in the back yard, and a fancy fountain in the middle of the drive - the whole ten yards).

Of course, Delilah couldn't knock it; she, herself, lived in a one of the aforementioned houses. Chelsea, too.

And it was this kind of familiarity and a stabbing sense of boredom that Delilah was starting to resent. Everything was the same. Unrelenting in its routine appearance, the conformity was exhausting and tiring to the young blonde. None of it was real. She had a hard time thinking anything in California was real. Most of the time it was like 90210 but without the terrible storylines. Most people round here, she thought, were more than smart enough to pass up drugs and not get impregnated before their senior year. Of course, there were also the odd, minor exceptions...

A good 5 minutes later, the lush green trees that lined each street in lengthy spaces (think sunset boulevard, but with a little more sass) guided them out of the prim streets as they meandered into the equally prim-looking high school.

Students of the like swarmed the entrance building for another day at Medina High. It was 3 stories high of pure hell.

Delilah visibly grimaced at the sight.

Medina High School was quite an established place of education. In total, it had 5 buildings scattered around the campus. The entrance building housed the offices and lockers for students, so it was a place that was practically mandatory for everyone to visit more than once a day.

Buildings 2 and 3 were practically identical by décor, but the first was home to English, Philosophy and Drama, while the latter housed the Science and Humanities labs. The drama studios were on ground floor (for obvious reasons - it was hard to get anything done when dance was held and the thumping music apparently "distracted" the teachers), which the school had invested much money in, as well as the new squeaky clean labs that were replaced with newer models seemingly each year.

The fourth building was the cafeteria. Most students didn't even see the point, as the majority could drive and therefore dine out at lunch (which the teachers weren't happy about, but had to abide by the rules and let them), but the freshman and, generally, the students who didn't have time to go out, used the new facilities. The food was good, surprisingly, and the interior held chairs in and outside, as well as several flat screen TV's on the wall. Suffice to say, it was not a major loss if they had to dine in.

The gym rounded off the last building, and was located just off the actual acre of field at the back of the school. It had everything from weights and sport equipment to a sauna and, for some, a spa. Outdoor sports, like football and soccer, would, of course, be played outside.

All were pristine white in colour with large bay windows overlooking the beach at the front, and the various sports fields and the many mansions of the rich and famous in the back.

Delilah pulled up to a spot in the first row, practically adjacent to the school doors. Hooting and whistling could be heard even over the sound of the random dance song on the radio that Chelsea was rocking out to. The blonde knocked off the radio and shook her head as her friend groaned and whined about "liking that song" in a grumble.

As Delilah grabbed her huge designer bag from the backseat, she stood and smoothed out the bottom of her sundress. She felt like grimacing at the scene in front of her. The boys from the football team were in or lounging around a big black Land Rover that was parked to the right of the girls, practically dwarfing Delilah's little yellow VW Eos.

It was routine, but she couldn't help but feel guilty. Now they were seniors, the guys took no prisoners. They practically scared the shit out of the younger kids (bar the juniors, who were plenty used to their thuggish brutality by now) whenever they got the chance, and of course they rook reigns of the parking lot and cafeteria. Delilah felt bad, but despite this, she wasn't appalled enough to throw it back in their face and give some other kid the space. She wasn't that selfless.


She almost groaned, but smiled brightly at him instead.

Seth was the school's quarterback. Which meant that it was mandatory for him to be both gorgeous and a dick - and he excelled at both positions. His hair was the same mousy-brown as Chelsea's, and he usually alternated between pushing it up at the front with gel, or leaving his fringe down to fall into his eyes, which he mostly did on game night (she personally preferred the latter, more relaxed style, but she'd never tell him that).

She never knew where the stereotype of the dumb-jock came from, since he was actually a B-average student with a lot of common sense. And although he was good-looking and smart, the fact he was arrogant and he'd practically hounded her since she'd grown boobs and showed off her long legs put her completely off him. So, while the majority of the school was trying to get with him, she was trying to run in the other direction. And running in black patent leather high heels was so incredibly annoying.

She smiled at him and laughed with the rest of his team, humouring them for the moment. Though she was used to them and could joke around easily, she didn't feel comfortable around some of them.

And then an arm was looped through her waist and several hollers were called out before she was driven up the steps and towards the entrance of the school.

Almost as if routine, she asked; "Is Seth pissed?"

The guy shifted his weight and looked over his shoulder casually, before chuckling. "Looks like it. Chelsea doesn't seem to notice you've left, though."

Delilah rolled her eyes. That wouldn't be the first time. But either way, she wouldn't go back to spoil her fun.

"You're a life saver, Jae." She grinned up at the male.

Choi Jaehyun (or more commonly known as Jae, as he preferred to be called) was the only guy she knew that she'd consider calling her male best friend. They'd known each other since 5th grade when he transferred from New York, and they'd hit it off in gym class when she'd fallen and twisted her ankle when they were chosen as partners for the session. He'd stayed by her side unflinchingly, and even carried her to the nurse's office. She loved him like the brother she'd never had after that, and he'd, on more than one occasion, verbally announced the same to her.

He wasn't the only Asian in the school, but he was most definitely the most attractive. His originally glossy black hair had been dyed a light brown for the longest time (Delilah often wondered how it was so damn soft - it puzzled her), the length just below his ears and his fringe swooping over his forehead from the left. He was quite tall, averaging at about 6", with a muscular build, which he put to good use since he was on the football team.

And then Jae's eyes; they were startling.. She certainly knew that it was probably the most appealing aspect of his appearance. They were a startling sky blue. Of course, it was only natural that it garner so much attention, since such a feature on a Korean (of which he and his parents were - although he, himself, was an American-born) was unseen.

She was probably the only person bar his family who knew he wore contacts. Ever since he transferred he'd had the startling colour, and for several years after that everyone just thought it was natural. She laughed every time she thought of the day his mother caught him with them in. She completely freaked out, cursing him out in Korean as he pleaded with her that they were simply fake. Delilah had seen his natural honey-brown eyes plenty a time since then when they were alone, and although she rather liked the blue, the warm brown was a side to him she was proud to say that she was only one of a few that had ever seen it - that she was allowed to witness him letting his guard down and being himself, uncaring of what others thought of his appearance.

Jae escorted Delilah to her locker slowly as they talked and laughed merrily about the former weekend and the party that left Thomas Delain's house trashed and his parents more than pissed off the day after. It was a party they'd both, of course, attended.

"So have you heard about the beach party Friday night?" he asked as he leaned against the locker next to hers as she spun the combination and opened her own. She checked her hair for volume and make-up blunders before taking her English and Chemistry book out of her bag and throwing them in carelessly.

"Beach party?" she asked, interested.

Jae shrugged his shoulders lightly. "It's not exactly high-school, per say. The guys have been wary of it, saying the local gangs will be there. I'm not too sure about it, myself."

Delilah had pretty much only caught bits and pieces of his response, as she was already planning on what outfit she could wear. The gangs didn't scare her so bad she'd stay away. She always carried a bottle of mace in her bag wherever she went, and if that didn't work, she had 3 inch stiletto heels to grind into any guy's balls that would try to mess with her. It had been seen and done before.

"Walk and talk," she linked her arm in his and then travelled one hall down to Jae's locker as he picked up books and dropped off his bag. It hid his cleats and a spare jersey for football practice, a can of hairspray - which Delilah teased, but did use herself when she ran out - and various other necessities for the day.

"So is Seth and his gang," she uttered with sarcasm, "Going to be showing up then?"

Jae hesitated to answer, but smiled. "I doubt it. Seth's smart enough to know where his territory, so to speak, ends."

Delilah beamed in victory. "Sounds like a party!"

He turned to her and she noticed the warning in his eyes. It was the look he gave her whenever she was about to do something reckless. But she knew, even though he gave her that puppy-dog 'don't-do-it' look, that he'd be there for her if she'd somehow managed to royally fuck something up.

"C'mon babe," she smiled up at him innocently, "You know you wanna go."

Jae groaned at her cutesy routine. It always got him.

"I can't Della," she looked up to protest, when he continued, "I'm driving up to Washington to see my grandparents this weekend."

She pouted and crossed her arms. "No fun."

He shrugged his shoulders and smiled apologetically, before they heard the warning bell ring, telling the students they had 2 minutes before the start of the day's lessons. There was an audible collective groan from the student body, before they started sluggishly making their way towards their first classes.

Delilah swivelled on her heel and gave Jae a big hug, resting her head on his chest and sighing heavily. "See you in bio."

He returned the hug, "Mhm."

Delilah turned and walked off in the opposite direction to her friend and over to room 207, waving and saying greetings to those she knew and deemed popular enough to speak to on the way.

She hadn't sat down for more than a second before the brunette next to her turned and beamed at her. Erin Thornton was one of the populars. She was nice, as bitchy as expected for being popular, and Delilah got along with her well enough, but they didn't really socialise outside of school. Not unless they were at a party or some other kind of social event.

"Have you heard about the party on the beach on Friday night?" she leaned over her desk to ask her. Delilah puckered her lips and inclined her head. She wondered how everyone but her knew.

"Of course."

Erin smiled. "See, I knew, if anyone, you wouldn't be scared of going just because the gangs are there. Right on, girl."

Delilah smirked slightly to herself upon hearing it, but turned to flash her a grin. "Hey, free alcohol, right?" she laughed it off. "I take it you're going?"

Erin's eyes bulged slightly, "No way, Delilah. You know how much shit I'd get in off Daddy if I was caught there? He'd take away my credit cards and make me get public transport for a month. It's not worth the risk...and just between us, I'd rather not be there if the gangs, y'know, start something."

Delilah understood, but it wasn't enough of a motive for her to skip.

"Class, today we're starting where we left off yesterday with page 24. The formula for Algebra..."

The droning voice of Mr. Peters called the attention of the students, and Erin gave Delilah a quick roll of the eyes before turning to listen.

Delilah would've been listening, but she was already too stoked about Friday. And besides - she was more than sure anyone would allow her to copy their notes after class. A perk of being pretty and popular. And she took full advantage of those traits.