Chapter 11

She didn't want to see him, but at the same time, she wanted to just so she could bitch him out, possibly even tug some of the rich-coloured hair out of his scalp. But for the next couple of days, she saw no sign of him. Not when she drove downtown to get some money out of the cash machine, or when she went jogging past the beach out front. And it wasn't like he was going to look for her.

So Delilah made up her mind as to think of the "meeting" as a casual business transaction – although Sully had helped her, he'd robbed her father and no doubt would have claimed whatever he wanted from her by now, so obviously, he had no intentions of finding her again. So, she decided to dismiss it. Until, perhaps, the next time she did see him. However far in the future that may be.

The school was in an obvious uproar after having heard, and Chelsea said her father was furious, but Delilah was glad when no one really paid attention to her rather lame lie of where she'd disappeared to. "I felt sick. I think it might've been the salmon," she'd told everyone, explaining how she'd caught a taxi home some time after arriving. Her story checked out, so no one really questioned her, however Wayne had been very over-protective and hovering since.

And then there was the fact that everyone was asking questions about who did it. Of course, they knew who was behind it – the gang, who was run by some guy named Fuller, or Frederick, or something along the lines of that, from downtown. She hadn't realised, but they were quite infamous. Some of the students even knew the names of some of the members, and the senior girls commented frequently of how handsome some of them were. Delilah only really had one member in mind when that particular topic came up.

"Where the fuck were you!" was the exclamation Delilah received when she strode into Biology that afternoon, having missed the morning and lunch due to being made to give a statement to the police about the night.

However, the fact that Jae had actually sworn made her cringe more than the tacky blue uniforms she'd had to witness for the past several hours.

"Chill, Jae," she hissed as Miss Harris gave a questioning glance in their direction.

The handsome Korean continued to glare as she sat down, swinging one leg across the other and leaning back in her chair. She gazed at him through the corner of her eyes, and then tapped his tan cheek with her acrylic-coloured nails. "Chill."

Jae ran his tongue over the top of his teeth and exhaled heavily. "Where were you?"

"I went home early, I'd eaten something raw, I think, and I spent the rest of the night cuddling the toilet," she watched his sceptic gaze slowly dissipate. "And you?"

Delilah recalled she had not seen Jae, nor Chelsea, at the fundraiser. Although she'd already been informed Chelsea had skipped out to fuck Romeo's brains out since she was told his parents had left for New York for the weekend.

"In the registry for a while waiting for my parents to hurry and stop socialising," his face scrunched in disgust, "and then I came to find you when…you know."

She hummed to herself. "I see."

"That's all?" he asked, his big baby blues blinking.

"That's it."

"Okay class, today we're focusing on the human digestive system, which will take us onto…"

Delilah shrugged at Jae, her way of saying she'd explain later, and zoned out, gazing out the window, head in hand.

It wasn't until she noticed something in the parking lot that she snapped to attention. She squinted at her car, even so much as leaning over the desk to get a better look at the white piece of, what seemed to be, paper that was stuck under the window-wipers.

Delilah tried to recall if she'd pulled into a no-parking area, or if she was perhaps caught speeding, but nothing came to mind other then the fact that she knew she wanted to go and see just what it was that was taped to her car.

Making up her mind rather quickly, Delilah's tanned hand shot up.

Miss Harris' eyebrows rose questioningly, "Yes, Miss Glover?"

"Can I go to the bathroom?" Jae kicked her under the table and she ground her teeth, "Please?"

The teacher paused for a moment. "Sure."

Delilah picked up her handbag from under the desk and ruffled Jae's hair, much to his annoyance, before flashing a bright smile at Miss Harris, to which the teacher smiled, amused.

The blonde skipped down the steps to the ground floor and trotted leisurely down the hallway. She didn't care so much that she was passing full classrooms on the way, as it wasn't like the teacher was going to interrupt their lesson to interrogate her.

Delilah has only just idly tapped out of the empty building, when an arm latched onto hers, and she was swung around to face the person, stumbling on her heeled feet.

She hit his hard chest with a quiet groan of protest, and looked up at him, wide eyed.

"Sully?" She was quite out of breath, and a little more than shocked. "What the hell, you bastard! You scared me." She glared, yanking her arm back from him.

He chuckled under his breath. He was standing casually against the entrance of the building James Dean style - his leg was propped up against the wall and he was sucking on his cigarette like a lollipop.

Delilah felt her insides quake.

"What're you doing here?"

He rose an arched brow. "I came to see you." His low voice was definitely sexy, and those words being said in that attractive deep voice made her stomach twitch.

"And what if it wasn't me who walked out here?"

"But it was."

She narrowed his eyes. "How're you so sure it would've been?"

He reached out with his big hand and twisted one of her curls around his finger. "You smell like coconuts." He let the curl drop slowly.

Delilah's face was blank. She didn't know what to think. It was strange that he knew what she smelt like, she didn't even think he'd paid that much attention to her.


He smiled briefly in a spur of the moment gesture, and it only served to confuse her more. That smile was intoxicating.

She shook her head lightly and looked up at him through determined, yet soft eyes. Then she turned her head away.

"Okay, so first," she looked like she was annoyed that she was going to say it, and she avoided looking up at him. "Thanks for getting me out before all that shit kicked off. I know I was being a stubborn bitch, but you helped me anyway."

"Don't mention it."

"Oh, I won't," she said in a reassuring tone, finally looking at him.

He inclined his head with a short, rough laugh.

"And second..."

He waited for her answer with a drawn eyebrow, vaguely wondering what she was thinking about, before her hand came up and slapped his cheek, his face moving to the right from the power and complete unexpected nature of it.

"I fucking hate you," she hissed.

Despite being impressed, the sandy haired man was pissed. "Don't you ever do that again," he breathed heavily at her, hovering over her so close that she could smell the cologne on his chest.

His lips hovered above her as he bent his face down to intimidate her. Delilah could feel his soft breath fanning her forehead. And rather than being scared of his approach, his smouldering green specked eyes and knee-shaking abs that were pressing against her stomach were just making her a little dizzy. For all the wrong reasons.

She stared straight up into his serious expression with contempt, and held his gaze, confronting, before gliding her tongue over the top set of her teeth under her lips.

"Sure. But the point still stands that you fucking endangered everyone!" she hissed. "Fuck, Sully, my Dad was in there! And most of my friends, too."

His eyes narrowed in a blink of a moment and he avoided her gaze before staring back at her, "It's a living, sweetheart, deal with it."

"I don't have to deal with it," she said, crossing her arms. "Because I don't have to deal with you. So if you excuse me…"

She tried to sidle her way out past him, but his large hand grabbed her shoulder roughly, and she was stuck in place. After several futile attempts of tugging it off, she gave up and stomped her heel against the ground in annoyance, glaring up at him with big blue eyes.

"What the fuck?"

"Will you fucking cool it for a minute?"

Delilah stopped struggling and instead clenched her fists together, before closing her bright eyes and massaging her temples. Sully watched her, curious.

"What do you want, then?" she asked, arms folded and brow knitted.

Sully stared down at her, sceptic, "I figured I'd see if you'd squealed to the police yet."

Delilah was quite offended, and it reflected on her face. The sandy blonde got the response he was looking for, and even if she lied, he knew by her face alone that she hadn't spoken a word of what really happened that night.

"You're a dick," she said simply, "And I think you should leave."

He smiled cockily, tonguing the side of his lip and shaking his head.

"You're a bitch."

"Then fuck off."

He shrugged, "I don't take orders from prissy little whores."

Stopping herself from stomping her feet from fear of ruining her heels, she instead took the approach of placing her hands on her hips, her nails tearing into her flesh through the fabric of her clothing as she clenched her fingers in aggravation.

"Do you think we'll get there before it starts?"

"C'mon man, the game always starts at least 10 minutes late, we'll be good."

Delilah's eyes narrowed in confusion, before she realised the voices were coming from two male students, who were ditching classes, inside the building. And the fact that she could hear the echo meant they were only down the hall from them.

"Shit!" She hissed roughly, dragging him away from the school and over to the grassy bushes further down the road across from the parking lot. There were plenty of rose bushes and several other flower-oriented objects to hide them, as she dropped to the floor and sat on a bunch of bluebells that inhabited the green area. She also happened to bring him down to the floor with her (quite clearly, he let her). It would not help her reputation any if she was seen with him on campus.

"What?" He groaned, shooting her a quick glare, before flopping back onto the lush grass.

Delilah was about to scold him, berate him; anything. But when she turned and looked upon him, her eyes softened. She couldn't be sure whether he was actually asleep, or if he was just resting his eyes. Either way, he looked…strangely gorgeous. His face was unguarded, unlike its usual rough look, and his body was relaxed. His shoulders would always tense at a sudden movement, but now, with the light shining and bouncing upon him gloriously, he looked simply breathtaking.

Then the most bizarre thing of all happened. A lone, bright orange butterfly fluttered over and made its touch down on the sleeping blonde's cheek. It was extraordinary. He'd actually let his guard down. This little creature had penetrated the untouchable force that was Sully.

And then a sudden flutter attacked her stomach as she watched him raise his arm up and childishly wave a hand in front of his face to get the creature to move away. He looked so innocent and adorable.

Before the time she realised, it was too late. It struck her, with horror, that she may actually like him. Not necessarily in a romantic way, but she didn't find him nearly as repulsive as she let on. She wondered briefly when this had happened. She was a little anxious whenever she was around him, but now it seemed she was starting to enjoy his presence.

It was giving her a bit of a headache.

Delilah sighed and let herself drop down on her back next to him, following his lead as her eyes fluttered shut.

"Don't you have a lesson to be getting to?"

"Fuck school," she mumbled, enjoying the sun tanning her face. "They can deal without me one day."

Sully opened his eyes to look at the blonde bombshell and smirked to himself. She was fucking odd, he thought.

So, the two blondes sat; sometimes in silence, other times bickering, and sometimes there was just the sound of Delilah chatting to herself randomly about nonsense.

Sully wasn't half as annoyed as he thought he'd be after listening to the little blonde motor mouth rabbiting on for so long. In fact, he was quite relaxed. For once, the topic of debate wasn't murder or looting, and he found it refreshing, if not long over-due.

Before long, the last bell of the day tolled, and Delilah smiled happily. She sat up, stiff, and jumped up, somehow energetic after her afternoon of doing nothing.

"This has been lovely," she said sarcastically, and Sully rolled his eyes. "But I guess now I'm gotta go."

"Why now when you could have a few hours ago?"

Delilah looked at him sceptically, "I didn't know that was an option."

Sully simply stared at her, vaguely wondering if she was being serious. The girl obviously thought he was worse than he perhaps was.

He stood, towering over the blonde, and she was about to step out of the bushes and into the parking lot, when she stopped still and Sully registered the panic on his face. It was a bit startling when she turned and pushed his chest, so he back-tracked until they were out of sight behind a tall oak tree.

Delilah peered back, her gaze lingering for a few moments, before she let go of him and exhaled happily. And by now, Sully had understood what was going on; honestly, he was a little appalled she didn't want to be seen with him, but it was quickly replaced by anger, and he glowered down at her.

"What the fuck was that?"

Delilah popped a fair eyebrow, "What?"

"That!" He gestured with his arms in a lurid action. "That fucking panic! What, you don't want to be seen with me, is that it?"

She rolled her eyes. "You're being dramatic."

"Tell me the fucking truth, Delilah."

She bit her bottom lip and frowned, "Fine. That was my best friend, and sorry if I don't exactly want him to see you with me. Again."

He glared. "Why?"

"Oh c'mon," she said in a sarcastic tone, "You're in a fucking gang, Sully. You're bound to be recognised by someone, and I don't really want the hassle of having to explain what I'm doing with you. Especially not to him. You're hot and everything, but you're not worth that much hassle."

"Fine," he said, opening his arms to flank his body, in a gesture that looked like he was asking her for a hug. "I'm fucking gone."

She glared, "Don't let the door hit you on the fucking way out!" She yelled after him, aware they were outside so the words didn't stick properly, but she imagined she got her point across.

In a rage, Delilah cast her eyes away from him and stomped over to her little car, muttering sarcastic comments to herself under her breath.

"Hey, Delilah!"

The blonde had just opened her car door when she turned to the source of the voice. Upon seeing it wasn't someone who was going to make her mood even worse, she straightened her face into a smile.


It was Tyson D'Amato, member of the basketball and lacrosse team. He was of Italian descent, with tan skin and styled, glossy blonde hair.

"Party at mine tonight," he announced cheerily, "You up for it?"

Delilah didn't even think about it. "Of course." She smirked, slamming her door shut. "Details?

Tyson chuckled, but relayed the same information he'd been saying all day, as he and the blonde started discussing details of the no-doubt entertaining night.

It was about time Delilah started having fun like she used to; she was going to party with reckless abandon. And she was going to like it.

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