What would you do if you were forced to marry a jerk? A rich jerk.

Some girls will marry that person since he's rich and some don't because he's a jerk. My side is the girls who don't want to marry that rich jerk. In some countries, girl can marry guys when they're 16 and sometimes 18 too. I'm 18 right now and I have to marry a guy from my school who is a total asshole. Great, isn't it? My life is all screwed up. My parents are divorced and my dad is married to another woman. A.k.a. step mother. Ever since he got married to my 'new mom', I always wondered why I decided to stay with my dad not with my mom. Anyway, my dad is acting like a bastard lately and he and my step mom decided to arrange a marriage for me. They want me to marry the cutest but also the stupidest guy in school. And his name is Landon.

Thunder. All I hear outside of the living room window is thunder. I remember I used snuggle close to my dad and hide under the covers whenever there was a thunderstorm. But that was only when I was 6. Now, I plug my ears with earphones and listen to IYAZ on my iPod as I wait for the thunderstorm to go away. It's mid August and it's suppose to be sunny out but instead, there's rain pouring down on my roof. I gazed out of the window and sighed. My cellphone suddenly beeps and vibrates on my lap. I picked it up and looked at the bright screen. It was a text message from my best friend, Darcy.

Darcy - Crappy day isnt it?

Me - Tell me about it.

Darcy - Im bored. Can I call u?

Me - Go ahead

As soon as I replied back, my phone rings. I pulled out my right earphone and answered it, "Hey Darcy. What's up?"

"Nothing. It's raining cats and dogs. My mom just said that a while ago." replies Darcy.

"She's right. The rain's so loud, I can hear it through my earphones." I said.

"Oh really?" she said, "Hey Skye. Are you excited for next week?"

"Sorta. Excited and nervous at the same time. I can't believe we're gonna be Seniors!" I said.

"I know, right? At the end of our Senior Year, we're going to graduate and go to college!" she said, happily.

"I'm going to miss you when we leave for college." I said.

"Me too. Let's make Senior Year a year to remember!" she said.

"Skye! Lunch is ready!" calls out my dad from the kitchen.

"K! Be right there!" I called out back.

"Gotta go?" asks Darcy.

"Yeah. Bye Darcy." I said.

"Toodles." she said and hands up. I put my phone down on the coffee table and walked into the kitchen.

"What's for lunch?" I said as I helped my dad set the table.

"Fried fish and minestrone soup." says my step mom, Layla, as she pours the minestrone in the bowls.

"Yum." I said, sitting down in front of the table.

Sometimes, the house gets lonely without my real mom. I never wanted my parents to divorce. But they had to. I was the only child when they divorced and I was 5 back then so I didn't know what was going on. I still am the only child but sometimes, I want an older brother or sister to hear my true feelings and understand them. Of course, that'll never happen.

When my dad and Layla got to the table and sat down, we started to eat. Usually, nobody talks while eating but today, Layla starts up a conversation.

"So, Skye. Are you ready for the first day of school next week?" she asks me.

"Um yeah. Kinda." I said.

"My little girl's finally a Senior in high school. Hard to believe." says my dad, smiling at me.

"Sure is." I said.

"Have you decided which college you're going after you graduate?" she asks.

"Not yet. I'm still choosing." I said.

"There are so many good colleges to choose from. You should choose wisely, Skye." says my dad. I nodded as I wiped my mouth with a napkin. There was an awkward silence after that my dad and Layla looked at eachother.

Layla clears her throat and smiled at me, "Do you have a boyfriend yet, Skye?". After the word "boyfriend", I literally started choking on my food. My dad pats me on the back as I finally swallowed it.

"Boyfriend?" I asked.

"Yes. The best thing about high school is falling in love." she said.

"Speaking of boyfriends, you haven't had one since your sophmore year." says my dad.

Right, sophmore year. I remember my boyfriend from that year. His name was Ricky. Four words: He was a nightmare. He was my crush ever since 6th grade and when we started dating, he started to treat me like crap. I didn't feel loved so I dumped him. Dumping him was the best feeling ever. And besides he was a terrible kisser.

When I finished my meal, I got up and walked up to my room.

"Did we make her feel uncomfortable?" I heard Layla ask my dad.

"Probably. We shouldn't have asked her that." he said.

I made my way to my room and sat on my bed. Boyfriend...do I need one?