So my dears, I shall make it clear that I'm learning some pretty basic Japanese (more technically Romaji). If you're from a Western society there's going to be a lot that happens in this story about manners and customs that you're gonna be "WTF?!" about (heck, I was too). So if there's something in here that I think will confuse you, I'll mark it with a number and at the bottom it will be restated then explained in depth; plus if I write something in Romaji down then I'll number it and translate it at the bottom as well.

This story is called "Futago Koi," roughly translated in English as, "Twin Love". The Kana characters being,


~Futago Koi~

-Kyousuke's POV-

I took interest in the window as Ryousuke's annoying, high-pitched voice seared through my mind. Even though he was talking to that stupid group of girls that incessantly followed him everywhere on the other side of the room, it always felt like he was right there, screaming in my ears. You know how they say some twins have some sort of ESP or some crap? How they can always tell when the other twin is in pain and yadda, yadda, yadda? Yeah, well, that's how it's with us; I can whisper something on the other side of the house and Ryou can hear what I say, word-for-word, plain as day. It may seem pretty "badass" or "cool" to you, but to me. Well, it's not when you have Ryou as a brother.

Now let me tell you something about Ryou and I, not only do we share similar names, but we look alike too. Gratefully, over the years, we started looking different; although, that doesn't exactly help my self-esteem being called the "plain" one and all. But, it's better than having squealing girls chasing me around campus, along with teachers and classmates saying "Class President Tanaki-san(1), we need to speak to you." However, my plain Japanese-black hair and folded black eyes, that bored look always clearly written all over me and no matter how hard I tried (not that I did), I couldn't shake it; compared to Ryousuke's, silky black hair pinned in a hair tie at the base of his neck and oval glasses perched delicately on the bridge of his nose, accentuating his perfectly shaped onyx eyes. He looked more a model than a high school boy that obsessively purchased yaoi.(2)

Yes, you heard me, our golden-boy prodigious class president every God-given girl here whorshipped, was an otaku(3). A homosexual eroge(4) addicted otaku at that.

When I found out myself, I was in the least to say shocked. But, I love my brother, despite his annoying qualities, and helped to keep his obsession a secret.


I cringed at that accursed title that Ryou (and society) gave to me, but I turned my attention toward the 17-year old that now lounged against my desk lazily rather than complain.

"What is it, Ryou?" I calmly questioned.

He leaned in close, prepared to whisper something that I guess he deemed a secret, pft, as if I couldn't hear it if he was 50 yards away whispering. He cupped a hand around the side of his mouth to ward away people who could read lips and potentially gain access to his "confidential" information.

"There's supposed to be this new transfer student coming in today. She's supposedly comes from America."

My eye twitched involuntarily, he was bothering me for this?

"So?" I hissed, suddenly annoyed and wishing he'd leave me to my thoughts.

"Well, I spoke to sensei(6) and we agreed that you should participate more in the class and it was decided she'd sit next to you and during any class today, you and she will be excused from classes so that you may show her around. May I suggest you get excused right after first bell(7)? That way she may have a chance to introduce herself and settle down in class before she is carted around the school."

I huffed, I should have known he'd do this. Him and Takeo-sensei have been whining that I should participate more in the class activities(8). If she's anything like the rest of the schoolgirls though, she'll fawn over Ryou and Akihito so she'll pay me no mind. That means, I can show her the basic bullcrap and not go extensive like I would a new male student(9). Can't be too bad? Right?

"Whatever," I huffed again.

"Excellent," He crooned happily before borderline floating back to his seat as the class bell rang.

Takeo-sensei predictably stepped through the doorway as the last bell chimed, signaling the beginning of our first hour class. As he reached the podium in the middle of the front of the room, he spoke.

"Today we have a new transfer student joining us from America. I hope you all welcome her warmly."

With that, a girl with dark brown, almost black, hair that tumbled down to her shoulder blades entered, she donned her summer seifuku(10) consisting of a short, pleated, black skirt, a black blouse with a sailor style collar, black knee-high socks, and the school-issued black chunky shoes. The class watched as she neatly folded her hands together in her lap(11) and shocked us all by speaking politely in a shy, girlish voice(12) using fluent Japanese for an American and bowing(13).

"Hajimemashite, watashi wa Nguyen, Shiku des-."(14) and (15)

She paused momentarily as the class released a sharp exhalation and I even felt myself unconsciously scoot closer to the edge of my desk to watch her. But, as soon as she paused, she continued.

"Yoroshiku onegai shimasu."(16)

I raised my eyebrow with involuntary curiousity, who was this girl that spoke fluent Japanese and had the disrespectful name? Of course, the class of 3-B could be making assumption. I mean, there was tons of kanji combinations that could be used to spell this girl's name. Surely, her parents didn't mean to use it in the four and nine combination. This must be a mistake. I was interrupted from my thoughts as sensei spoke.

"Nguyen-san, you'll be sitting next to Tanaki, Kyousuke-kun(17). Tanaki-kun, please stand."

Quickly, Ryou and I stood in perfect unison. We stood at alert attention and the look that crossed Nguyen-san's face was comical, but before I could crack even a shadow of a smile sensei's annoyed expression wiped the humor from my system.

"Not you Ryousuke, I meant Kyousuke. You should know this, we just discussed it."

I didn't need any of that twin ESP stuff to tell Ryou was beyond embarrassed. But, instead of commenting like he normally would, I watched him from the corner of my eye as he bowed(18) before he took his seat with a silent "machigatte sumimasen."(19)

Sensei then motioned her towards the empty desk next to me, "Nguyen-chan, Tanaki, Kyousuke-kun-" a sharp glare at Ryousuke to make it clear he said my name and not his, "-will show you around the school later. He will inform you of when he chooses to show you and the both of you will be excused from class to take your tour."

She nodded and bowed politely to sensei with a silent, "Arigatou gozaimasu."(20) Then, she went to her desk, but instead of sitting down, she turned to me. Once again she bowed and said, "Doumo arigatou gozaimasu."(21)

I jumped back, surprised. Her speech was more formal to me than the teacher, AND I HAVEN'T EVEN DONE ANYTHING FOR HER YET!!!

She stood up straight and took her seat. It wasn't until Takeo-sensei cleared his throat annoyed that I realized I was still standing and holding the lesson up. I took my seat quickly, suddenly embarrassed; albeit, not as embarrassed as my brother, but still embarrassed.

Math, ugh, the one lesson that I hated having first hour and Ryou was no help. Not only did he sit on the other side of the room, but he tuned me out when Takeo gave us work. Today was the worst, pop quiz. Ugh. I hated this. I visibly struggled to answer the five-question quiz and much to my chagrin, when I looked over I was met with a pair of deep, hazelnut eyes gazing back at me. The worst part of the look, it was expressionless. No pity, amusement, annoyance, superiority, laughter, compassion, nothing. It was just a smooth, calculating look that seemed to take in everything and give back nothing.

I sighed and returned my paper to Takeo and before he could assign me any other work, I took my 'excused-from-class-to-show-the-new-girl-around' excuse and left with this Nguyen-girl.

I showed her all of the basics, the P.E. Gym, the girl's changing room, where to go, where not to go, etc etc. She seemed to be paying avid attention, looking as if she was savoring every word that rolled off my tounge like her life depended on it. It was unnerving, her eyes focused solely on me, being the center of her attention. She never spoke to me though. Neither an acceptance nor a rejection. I was used to rejection, hell, I preferred it. But the way she acted, looked, everything. It felt weird, no, beyond weird. When I finished my tour, she knew it was finished without me telling or giving her tellers. Instead, we walked up to the final room, the nurses office, and she turned to me and gave me one of her famous bows and repeated her earlier statement.

"Doumo arigatou gozaimasu, Tanaki-sama."

nodded and said equally politely, "Douitashimashite."(22)

I yawned lazily and checked the time on my cell phone, making an impatient sound in the back of my throat as I did so. I frowned and shoved my hands in my pockets and strolled back in the direction of the classroom.

I was surprised to hear a response from the shy girl and had to look over at her to confirm that it was actually she who said something and not my imagination playing with me.

"Something wrong?"

I took a moment, mentally debating if I wanted to waste the effort to tell her. In the end, that look of curious anticipation on her face got to me and I broke.

"I don't feel like going back to class. Takeo-sensei is so annoying, plus I hate arithmetic."

"Me too," She spoke up.

I furrowed my brow, "Hate sensei or arithmetic?" I question, just in case.

"Both," She whispered.

I rolled my eyes, "Coulda fooled me, you where flawlessly polite, plus you finished your quiz faster than Ryousuke."

A small sliver of a smile slide acrossed her face, "I was polite because I had to be polite. You can't be rude to teachers without expecting a "F" in the course. I don't like the way he treated the other Tanaki-sama. And, I said I hated math, not that I found it hard. It's just boring."

I nodded understandingly, "I suppose I'll give you that."

After a few heartbeats of a second, I continued; "You don't have to call us -sama you know."

She lifted her gaze towards mine, "Why not? Do you not like it? I thought you were supposed to refer to people superior to you with a -sama honorific?"

"Well," I grimaced, "You are. But, Kyou and I aren't your superiors. Well, actually, Kyou is, but I'm not. We're the same age, in the same class, and in the same grade."

She smiled softly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, "Well, considering you've been here longer than I have, and you know more about this school, city, country, everything. I think you are superior to me."

I didn't answer her after that. I mean, she was right in a sense. It was just weird, having someone refer to me as -sama. I've never had anyone call me with that honorific before. We were silent as we walked and then she brightened my day with her best question yet, "Do we really have to go back to class now?"

I grinned, that was all the permission I needed. I took her wrist in my hand and led her to the one place in the school I hadn't taken her yet. The roof.

We lounged up on the rooftop lazily. Not talking. Well, occassionally we did. About stiff, boring topics, like the weather.

She turned to me, "Tanaki-sama, the other boy in the class that you share a name with, is that your brother?"

I scowled, why do conversations always seem to lead to him? Especially with girls. "Yeah, Why? You think he's cute too?"

She flushed, "No! Well... um..." She trailed off blushing, "...Ano(23)... your brother is cute. But, that's not what I meant..."

I turned over on my stomach where I had been previously laying on my back so that I could get a look at her. She sat leaned against the sidewall that kept us covered from anyone who might see us.

"Then what do you mean? Are you trying to ask if we are closer than brothers? Like twins? Yes, we are."

"But isn't your brother-"

"Class president?" I interrupted her; she nodded her head, just what I thought.

"He is. So?"

She blushed again.

"Why am I not top of the class too right?" I continued.

Predictably, she nodded.

I sat up and stared at her, "Let me ask you this. Why is your name Shiku? Why would a girl's parents curse her with a name like so? Huh?" I pried suddenly bearing ill-will towards her. Wanting to hit her were I could only guess it hurt.

We stared at each other quite stubbornly for a while. Finally she flushed and looked away embarrassedly, "Gomen-nasai(24) Tanaki-sama."

I shrugged off-handedly and turned my attention to the sky once again; laying back on my back.

She looked back down at me once again and spoke softly, "I could help tutor you, you know, Tanaki-sama."

I opened an eye and looked up at her, "And why would you do that?"

She fiddled with her fingers nervously and whispered even quieter. "Because... I know how it feels... to not be good enough..."

I gasped softly, 'WHAT did she just say?!' I was up once more, quickly actually and staring at her hard.

"What would you now about my personal life?"

She was silent, dead silent. And instead of dignifying my rude response with an answer, she stood and said that she felt it was time we return to class and promptly left me to my lonesome; wishing that I had accepted her offer. I wanted to know this girl, wanted to know her name reasoning, and wanted to know how she of all people could relate to me. And I didn't realize how I wanted this more than anything I have ever wanted in my entire life.

1 Tanaki-san: -san is an honorific that you give someone. It's respectful and the most common honorific of them all.

2 Yaoi: Also known as "Boys' Love" It deals with two men in a relationship. The seme being the male dominant and the uke being the male submissive. (Seme represents the "male" role and uke represents the "female" role in a relationship).

3 Otaku: Originally meant 'house' but it stemmed from "nerds" and "geeks" that commonly spent their time at their houses all of the time doing what "nerds" and "geeks" do so Japanese began to refer to them as Otaku. Socially, it seems being called otaku is looked down on in society (like to the extreme). The way I have seen it viewed, I believe it is better to be called a nerd or geek than an otaku.

4 Eroge: Lit. Erotic (video) game.

5 Onii-san: Onii-san means older brother and you only use it when you are talking to them. Ani is older brother, but you only use it when you are talking to another about your elder brother. Onee-san is older sister and Ane is older sister. But like before you use the first when talking to her and the latter when talking about them. Otouto is younger brother, while imouto is younger sister. Can you see the similarities? So forgive me if I ever confuse them.

6 Sensei: Teacher

7 After the first bell: Well, I tried my hardest to research the school system of Japan and tried to keep it as close to it as possible. But, I couldn't figure out if they worked on bell schedules and how long each class consists of. So, do forgive me. I am aware that class president leads the classmates in the bowing of the teachers and before every school day begins Japanese students line up and listen to the principal lecture about whatever they feel like and award stuff to whomever they want. But, I'll add that in some other time.

8 You should participate more in the class: All students are forced to participate in class activities. For example, every day selected students will stay after school to "clean" the classroom and before each teacher comes into class it is the students responsibilities to clean the board. At the end of (every week or month was it?) a class is selected to clean the bathrooms (was it just the bathrooms or was it the entire school?) Anyways, that's what I mean by involved. Plus, you can't forget culture festival where the entire school shuts down for a few days to a week to have this festival.

9 Like I would a new male student: As with eastern and western cultures alike, females are expected to fawn over men every second of their god-given life, while boys are "responsible" and pay more attention to their studies (however, not much of the case with western society, considering they're starting to become quite the playboys). Kyousuke is referencing to it.

10 Seifuku: Uniform. It's a school uniform

11 Neatly folded her hands in her lap: When a girl is preparing to bow she folds her hands her in lap, while boys just hold their hands to their sides.

12 Shocked us all by speaking politely in a shy, girlish voice: Americans are seen as loud-mouth, rude, and obnoxious. I don't think Japanese people would be shocked by politeness from an American, but I'm referencing to the stereotype that America falls under.

13 and bowing: Well, for one, I don't believe foreigners are big on bowing. I've actually heard that Japanese are okay with shaking hands because it's what they expect from Americans.

14 "Hajimemashite, watashi wa Nguyen, Shiku des-": "How do you do? I am Nguyen, Shiku-"

15 Nguyen, Shiku: In Japan you give your last name, first name. A while back I heard it was because in eastern cultures your family comes before yourself. Therefore, to give your family name first symbolizes how they are more important than you. Another thing, Shiku literally means four and nine. In Japanese, four and nine are the two most unlucky numbers (kinda like 13 in western supersition). It's unlucky because four shares the same kanji as death and nine shares kanji with suffering. They don't use the two numbers in names because they see it as a parent wishing death or suffering on their child (and let's face it, who in their right mind would do that?) That's why her name comes a such a shock to everyone.

16 "Yoroshiku onegai shimasu": Lit. Please be kind to me. But is also translated as nice to meet you.

17 Kyousuke-kun: -kun is referred to young boys. Mostly by superiors speaking to inferiors. It's commonly given to boys and -chan to girls but a girl can be given -kun as a boy can be referred to as -chan.

18 as he bowed: Bowing can be for respect, apology, greeting, making a request, and thanking.

19 "Machigatte sumimasen": Lit. I'm sorry for the mistake.

20 "Arigatou gozaimasu": Thank you

21 "Doumo arigatou gozaimasu": A more polite version of thank you.

22 "Douitashimashite": You're welcome

23 "Ano": Japanese equivalent of the American "uhm..."

24 "Gomen-nasai": Most common form of "I'm sorry"