The Confessions of a Minor Niner

By: Strawberripinkicakes/Sherry Huang

Day 7

Dear Journal,

I can't believe I'm actually writing in this piece of crap now. I thought I would have already burned this thing by now, but I guess it does help me in ways. It helps me to collect my feelings when I'm pissed off, like today. Miyuki and Mayumi both bitched out on me today. They said I was being whore, trying to get so close to Kazuki-kun. I didn't do anything, and their telling me to back off? I doubt Kazuki even gives a damn about them. I'm his friend, that's all. And I just happen to be a girl he shares the same interests with. It's not like it the end of the world. And then, when Kazuki called me on my home phone, dad got really pissed off. He thought I had a "boyfriend" and was "disobeying" him by talking to guys. Like WTF? He's my FRIEND. Nothing more than that. My dad demanded an explanation from Kazuki and he finally convinced my dad by telling him I was her math project partner and that we needed to get together to work on the project soon, which wasn't a complete lie, but yea. The math project wasn't even assigned yet, but was mentioned today in class, and we wanted to get a head start. Kazuki wanted me to go over to his place to watch the new season of Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) on Saturday. I was pretty excited until Miyuki called and asked if she could come over that day. Thank God dad said I was working on a math project with Kazuki, or Miyuki would have been pissed. She still was really pissed and asked if she could go over to his place anyways, but I said hahahahahahaha, no. Miyuki has problems now. She's different from who she was before. She used to watch anime with me all summer long, and we where always the first inline to buy a new volume Death Note. Miyuki ended up giving her collection of anime and manga to me because Mayumi said it was bull shit, and there was no point to watching any anime or manga. So now all they do is watch girly Korean dramas and Japanese dramas, and all that bull shit. The drama's with action and horror are okay, but the girly ones drive me insane, oh yea and those stupid girly magazines. Mayumi and Miyuki all had designer clothing and wore a shit load of makeup. They looked like those Barbie dolls from the 1980's. Anyways, stupid asian parents want me to start on homework now, so I'll write more after… Later.

"Kaori!!!! PRACTICE YOUR VIOLIN, it's been like 23 hours since you last practiced!" Mother yelled.

"23 fucking hours? WTF???? You keep track?" I yelled back in defense.

"Watch your language! It's inappropriate and should not be used at any times." Mother screamed back.

"Whatever, language patrol. I'm coming, I'm trying to find my rosin for my bow!" I called.

"Hurry up, 2 min maximum!" She yelled again.

I sprinted down the stairs and almost knocked over the new flower vase.

"Watch it, Kaori Hanako. That wasn't cheap, if you break it, you buy the new one." Mom warned.

"Yea, yea." I said while I rolled my eyes. I threw my violin case on the couch, and picked up my books off the shelf. After I tuned and set up, mom set the timer to 2 hours and watched me play. She corrected my posture about times, and told me my vibrato didn't sound bright enough, and told me my martelé was all wrong. I was sick of her criticism, and finally after 2 hours I was set free! I ran upstairs and slammed my door. I opened the laptop, and Kazuki had tried to talk to me like 5 times already. He wanted help with Science, in return to help me with math. We made a pretty good team. Miyuki sent we inboxes on Facebook, but I completely ignored her, deleted her and blocker her. Screw the bitch. What does she want now? To yell at me even more about Kazuki?

Day 7 ½

It's like 3 am right now, and I'm still up talking with Kazuki while discussing if Naruto Shippuden was worthy enough to watch. We totally agreed on no. The last season was way better, and now it's too confusing. -.- I was telling him to watch bleach and see how Ichigo Kurasaki always screams his name when doing an attack. It's retarded, but hilarious. He laughed, and I told him that I was writing in a journal. He laughed even more this time, and threatened that there better not be his name drawn in hearts all over the journal. I replied and told him that Ren Ichimoku from Hell Girl was the only thing worth drawing hearts around. Kazuki argued that Ren was creepy, and I said he was epically amazing. But whatever, he thought that Hone Onna was hot, while I thought she was a creepy old prostitute, which is true. And her name literally means bone woman. LOL, good times. I kind of wish that Miyuki would be the one that I was laughing with about these animes. She's changed so much that I can't even talk to her anymore. Mayumi seems to be the barrier between us. She always steps into our business and seems to tell me to fuck off. Miyuki just goes along with whatever she does, and I think its all kind of stupid. Miyuki and I have been best friends since preschool, and now, it feels like we're nothing. "Learning to overcome obstacles" will just give you a broken foot. Duh.

Eh, hey guys. Sorry for the short chapter and the SLOW update. I was planning on updating way sooner, but when I did have time I fell asleep as soon as I got home since I didn't sleep until like 4am the night before (watching anime) duh. Anyways, Beautiful Melodies won for the poll, so World War III probably wont be updated until like after I have at least a few more chapter done, or until I finish the story, which will be soon, very soon. :) I'm thinking of having around 15-18 chapters for BM. Send me an inbox, telling me if you think that's okay, or if it should be shorter. This story will be updated a lot faster than the other ones. And don't forget to check out my profile, and scroll to the New Story Idea's box. I have another story that I'm planning on starting as soon as I finish BM :) Um, inbox if you like it? Gimme a rating, 1 –sucks, 10-EPICALLY AMAZING (go for the 10, jokes xD)

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-Sherry Huang/Strawberripinkicakes

January 13, 2011