I made this quite a while ago and just decided to upload it. I hope you like it.


Are you there?

This voice of mine is not going through.

A lost connection, never to be found.

Will it ever go through?

Does it even matter to you?

Whether or not it reaches,

Those ears of yours.

Will I just continue being,

That useless shooting star?

That can never be seen,

Because of the pollution clouding your vision.

But of course those questions will never be answered.

Because I just keep drifting farther away,

Deeper in to the reaches of space.

Past galaxies and nebulae,

Soon shattering any hopes of reaching you.

My emotions seeped out,

Filling up the blackness,

Swallowing up the other stars.

So, that I could be the only light you could look at.

That was just,

Just a very,

Lurid wish of mine.

A wish that,

This shooting star,

Could become dynamic and get noticed.

But I suppose I'll survive if I keep telling myself,

That somewhere I am needed.

So, for now, until that time comes,

I'll continue watching over you,

Like the useless star I am.

No matter how many times I cry over you.

No matter how many times I come to hate you.

I'll love you, once more.

I'll keep hovering over you.

Am I rats gnitoohs sselesu eht ekil ,os.

I'll continue watching over you.

Never forgetting the first we ever met,

And the sweet smile you shared with me.

I've decided now that whether or not my voice reaches you.

That whether or not this connection will ever go through.

I'll continue being your useless shooting star.