It's like playing Checkers on a striped mat,
Taking no chances at Risk.
Go ahead, beat me to death in Life--
Irony is evident, though completely useless in Articulate.
Think of it this way, you've got nothing to lose--
Your Monopoly is no more
Gain it back if you please
But get it fair and square.

Unfortunately it's a red rectangle with a buzzer
That is going for an Operation.
You don't always get what you want,
Murphy's law Aced its service.
Build a House, Bomb it after
Try as you might you'll never Flush it Straight down.
It doesn't matter if it's Royal;
You've lost the bet.

Black Jack and the White Queen can be quite a handful.
Call their Bluff and see what happens.
Don't understand? Alright, I'll Bridge this gap.
I'll Trump this river, and then Go Fish.
Be patient--count to 99,
But don't wait too long, don't go too far
We are humans, so we are mortals
We'll be Dead before we know it.

And because Reversi(ng) this process is Taboo,
You'll Go To Jail if you tried.
So fold the boards, keep the cards.
A losing game isn't fun even when you're winning.

A/N: I came up with this poem on the plane ride back to Singapore from Niseko. Seven hours of free time was spent playing about 10 games of Reversi with my friend, doing stupid stuff with my brother (e.g. trying to touch our right ears with our right hands when our right arms are wrapped around our heads), writing this, and sleeping.

I hope you enjoyed it!