Ribald Roundelay Reft Rhyme

Retrospectively, in the rightful
Renaissance reign of redoubtable Richard
Rex, resided Sir Randal Roe, a rambling
rogue of regal rank and Rabelaisian
renown--reasonably respectable, reputed
risqué but refined--who, randomly
researching romantic rendezvous, was
referred by repulsive, runty, recalcitrant
retainer Rodney to randy, ravishing,
Rubenesque, radiantly raunchy, rarely
reluctant to rollick, rubyhaired Rose
Riley, who readily responded to his
reverent request for rousing romp,
requiring rudimentarily a robust repast
in recently renovated restaurant;
ripping rye rolls and rump roast to
ravenous repletion amidst roistering
repartee, thence repairing to more
relaxing refurbishments, rapidly removing
redundant raiment, revealing the rash
rake's rather remarkable reproducer,
rigidly recumbent, rending restive Rose
relieved of remaining resistance to
repose for refreshing rhythmic rumba-
rubbing, rejoicefully reactivating
regenerative reflexes to rise rigorously
in risible replicating ranks of resounding
revolver reports, ramming roaring rampage
repeatedly releasing and repossessing
ripe rewards, recklessly repositioning and
remounting red glare rockets to rocking
roiling reality-rift, resplendent
with recurring rippling repercussions
reveling in repealed resourceful
repertories of relentless raptures…
receding… reviving… relishing re-entry…
resurging recalescence… reducing to a
restful remainder… regressively reclining
with raspy respiration to…
…refluent respite…

Rugged Rose, recuperatively refrigerated
after rambunctious rumbling, routinely
requisitioned regular remuneration, which
re-robing Randal roundly rebuffed, raging:
"Ridiculous, rapacious reptile! Redoubled
retribution is repugnant robbery." And
righteously reinforced rejection by
reciting her responsible reciprocation to
his rapier's ripostes, remonstrating that
reactive roundabout rider-ridden role-
reversal results in returned recreation.
Rose's rancor remained resolute until,
routed by her renewed recriminations, the
rotter ruthlessly ran to resume roving
roguery in remoter regions, remanding the
ranting rudesby to rue her recompenseless
retailing, raving revenge on all
recreants and railing reviling
reprimands of "Reprehensible renegade!"
at the repentless rapscallion's
retreating rear.