Written by: Draama Laama

"It's snowing..."

Dry, chapped lips open as oxygen escapes-a puff of air from her lungs that seems like a cloud in the frosted air before them.

Wide, wondering eyes gaze at the sky above them as small white flecks of frosted water land on her lips, cheeks, eyelashes, in her hair (as her hood had fallen off), inside her hood, coating the fur coating of her jacket with a white, brittle coat...

"It's snowing."

The exclamation leaves his lips like a prayer in church, loud, beckoning, waiting, happy, exhilarated,

The two look in each others eyes, both with wide grins on their faces.

"It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing!"

Their shared happiness fills the air as they dance around, holding hands, enjoying the moment.

It seems to end so soon-too soon, as their eyes meet. They stop. Silence blooms between them as they're drawn together.

With what seems like an explosion of joy and love, their lips meet.

It's still snowing as two lovers embrace each other and share their love on a cold, frosted night.