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F.I.P (Found in park)

Chapter one

Claire Haydon let lose a sneezed for the fifth time, before blowing her nose into a bit of tissue.

London had just hit its winter months, and it seemed to have brought with it colds, flues and

The other usual winter bugs.

"I'm sorry Mr Jason, would you mind repeating what it was you just said?" Claire asked, placing the tissue into the pedal bin she had in her office


"I said, I feel as if everyone is out to get me, I see the look in their eye" Mr Jason replied

"What sort of look?"

"You know the one, the one that says "I know what you did"" Mr Jason answered

"I see, and who are giving you these looks?" Claire asked

"Everyone!" Mr Jason exclaimed, he was getting annoyed by all these questions

Claire opened her mouth to speak but was soon cut sort when she herd a bleeping sound coming from her pager


"Don't forget Amy's parents evening is tonight" it read

She gasped. Looking up at the clock she saw she only had ten minuets to get to the school

"Forgive me Mr Jason, but I'm afraid we'll have to end the session here" she explained getting out of her leather chair

"What? But we still have twenty minuets left" Mr Jason exclaimed, shocked

"I know, I know but something has come up" Claire explained

"But I paid full price for these sessions" Mr Jason argued

"I understand, I'll make it up to you next session and you only pay half the normal price, deal?" Claire offered

"No, you don't understand I need this session, I'm close to suicide here" Mr Jason called, but Claire was already half way down the stairs

She sighed, being a psychoanalyst and a young, single mother at the age of twenty-six was very stressful work let alone emotional. She could hardly manage to keep her own emotions down let alone other people.

Of course before the stress of her drunken husband and young child, she loved her job, she loved the way she felt knowing she had helped someone else get better. Her clients loved the way she did her job and how soothing her words were. She was the best in her class... but that has all changed now...

After handing in her notes to the receptionist to give to her boss, she made her way to her car, a silver Mercedes, only to discover it being towed away.

"No, No No this cannot be happening!" she shouted, pulling at her hair "Why is it when there is space in the car park the traffic wardens don't show up but when there is no space in the car park, and I have no choice but to park on the yellow lines, they show up?" she then asked to no one in particular.

She looked down at her watch; she only had five minuets to get to the school.

"I can take a short cut through the park" She thought

Claire had made it to the parents evening one minuet late. Amy's teacher Ms Evens and Amy herself was already there.

"I'm so sorry I'm late, had a little car trouble" she explained a little out of breath

"Don't worry Miss Haydon. We will be done soon, Please take a seat" Mrs Evens replied pointing to a seat next to Amy


"Well what can I say, apart from that she has improved a lot since year three and now knows her three and six times tables of by heart" Mrs Evens said delighted, her face lit up like Christmas tree lights.

"Well done Amy!" Claire said pleased with her daughter

Amy let loose a shy smile and giggled.

The parents evening went on for another fifth teen minuets and it was all positive the whole way through. Amy had showed her mum her prized picture of her, her mum and dad smiling while behind them there was a giant castle and a rainbow behind them. Claire felt pleased and disturbed by this picture at the same time.

For the quality and imagination of the painting was wonderful, but the disturbing factor of it was that it was fictional. There was really no smiling mum or dad in fact there was no dad at all. The rainbow and castle was really a smoky over rated city and a cancel house.

"Mummy where is the car" Amy asked suddenly snapping her out of her thoughts, she found herself outside the school gate

"We are walking home today, Amy" Claire explained

"But look at the sky, it looks as if it's going to rain" Amy moaned

"I'm sorry Amy. But we have no choice" Claire said, taking hold of her daughters hand

The rain hit when Claire and Amy had just passed the park gate.

"I swear someone must really hate me" Claire grumbled

they both broke out into a fast jog to get home quicker, but the cold rain turned Amy's hands so cold they went numb, there for making her drop her painting and let it flutter away in the harsh wind.

"Oh no my painting!" Amy cried, letting go of her mum's hand


"Amy, come back here!" Claire called, panicking as Amy was heading straight for the river.

"Not until I get my painting!" Amy called back,

Amy struggled to make her way through the bushes. That were close to the river's edge, for the branches tugged at her hair and scratched her face but she made it.

She saw her picture tugging at a brunch just above her right.

"There you are" Amy said, as if the picture was alive

She made a grab for the picture, but received quite a shock when the brunch her painting was tugging on was in fact a hand... a whole arm in fact

Amy let loose a scream and as quick as lighting Claire came to her daughter side. She saw that Amy had gone completely stiff and her green eyes widen in shock.

Claire didn't need to ask why her daughter had screamed. There to her right laid a body, a body of a young boy that looked around the age of sixteen with black, scruffy shoulder length hair that was damp from the rain, he wore a boys jean jacket over a plain white top tucked into a pair of worn out jeans complete with red converses


"I-Is he dead, mummy" Amy asked, a little shaken

Claire dared a look closer, she could see no wounds or signs of injury, she gazed back at the boys arm in time to see it twitch. He wasn't dead at all.

"He's just passed out, probably from under age drinking with his mates" Claire guessed

"Can we take him with us" Amy asked, gliding her small fingers through the boy's hair

Claire shocks her head "No let him stay out here, his mates will find him" she replied, looking around to see if she can find any of his mates in the park but with out much luck. The park was basically disserted.

"But mum, look at him, he'll catch a cold and get sick"

"No" Claire exclaimed

"Oh please mum, only until he is better and then he can leave, please" Amy pleaded

Claire sighed, and peered down again at the boy's wet face.

"Very well, but only until he truly recovers" Claire said defeated

After about ten more minuets of dragging the boy with them, they had made it home. They placed the boy on the sofa and rested his head on the cushion.

"You go up stairs and get on some dry clothes, I'll deal with the boy and make us some soup" Claire said, yet again out of breath.

Amy nodded and made her way up stairs and collected some dry clothes and a towel from her wardrobe. Placing her wet clothes in the dirty laundry basket and taking a quick shower the hot water felt comforting on her cold skin. When she had finished she dried herself and put on her clean clothes before returning to her bedroom to brush through her long brown hair and tie it up into a pony tail.

When she was satisfied she made her way down stairs, to see the boy in her father's old black shirt and tracksuit bottoms complete with a pair of socks. He was still passed out on the sofa. She then looked up at her mother who was making homemade soup and hot chocolate.

"Has he shown any sign of more life?" Amy asked

"Not yet" her mother replied, as she handed her daughter a mug of hot chocolate

"The soup isn't yet ready" Claire explained leaning her head towards the gas cooker

Amy nodded her reply, and they both drank their hot chocolate in silence when the boy suddenly shot up causing both Amy and Claire to jump.

"A threat has been detected, organic life forms in danger" He said, his voice smooth yet it had an echo tone to it.

The boy suddenly got to his feet, he was a lot taller then Claire expected. He made his way towards the kitchen; there he went to the cooker where he turned off the hob which was cooking the soup.

He then seemed to move the cooker slightly so he could reach the back and started to examine the pipes that were connected to the cooker, until he found the one he seemed to be looking for, and for good reason as it was leaking gas and was hanging loose when it was meant to be connected .Quickly the boy placed it back to where it belonged and turned towards a very startled mother and daughter.

He let loose a smile "Threat deleted, area secure"

"Wow" Amy gasped, making her way over to the boy

"Amy, come back here" Claire called, but Amy just ignored her.

"How did you know that the pipe was loose, when you were still unconscious?" Amy asked

"Unconscious? I was not unconscious. My main hard drive was damaged, I was repairing" the

Boy replied

"Hard drive?"

"Yes, I had just finished repairing, when my alarm programme detected the gas leakage" The boy explained

"A hard drive? A programme? You make yourself sound like a robot" Amy exclaimed

"An android, yes" replied the boy

"Whoa, whoa, whoa you're an android?" Claire said, confused

"Yes, that is what I said" The boy answered "And I can prove it"

At that point the android put up his right hand and clenched it into a fist whilst doing so the lights began to flicker off and on until they blew out all together.

"Oh dear, that was not meant to happen" The android mumbled, luckily it was during the day so light was still coming in to the house, thought the windows.

"Who...Who are you? Who created you? What is you purpose?" Claire exclaimed, shakily getting close up to the boy android.

There was a pause; it seemed that the android was trying to remember.

"I am sorry, but that information is not available, it seems that my memory chip is missing and my back up memory is to damaged so I don't know why I am here" the android replied

At that point Amy had an idea "Why don't you stay here and repair" she suggested

"No, Amy we had a deal" Claire exclaimed "And now we know that he is not human, how do we know what he is capable of or why he is here"

"But that's just it" Amy argued "Look at him, he too doesn't know what he is capable of, what if he gets into the wrong hands or gets broken, and if he was something special his creator wouldn't of abandoned him, its a lot like you abandoning me" she then added

Claire's heart sank, she has always admired her daughter's big heart, she always put objects in pairs so they wouldn't seem lonely and every time one of her toys got broken or torn she used to always nurse them. Claire believes this is because of her own experience with her father.

"Very well he can stay, but only until his memories are repaired" Claire said, feeling defeated

"Thank you" the android said smiling

"Your welcome, now what shall we call you" Amy said, she thought for a moment

"I know how about FIP" she suggested


"Yes, it stands for Found in park" Amy explained

"FIP, yes I like that name" the android now named FIP exclaimed

Claire sighed "Someone must really, really hate me"