The needle trembles
Scratching out soft grainy music
My grandmother's waltz
I am the blank spot on the wall
A dollop of snow on the wing of a raven
Shaken off

My grandmother's gramophone
My mother's gloves
I am the corner of an empty room
Staring out
Listening to music that doesn't belong to me
Listening for the grating scratch
Of the end of the record

My mother's gloves
My sister's camisole
I am the circle of dust
The circus megaphone
Leaves on the floor

The music fades
I am the shadow under the windowsill
In my father's house
When the sun moves
I disappear.


really unsure of this one. mostly the ending. inspired by a beautiful picture of a girl and a gramophone. unfortunately it's lost on the interwebs so i can't put a link to it. thoughts would be appreciated.