Just the Riddles

1) Ronnie and Monique are running around on a long field of grass, chasing each other here and there. When suddenly, a giant begins to chase them, until they are captured and locked away in a cage. Explain this.

2) You turn me on, but sexually, you decide... You can change my moods, from childish, to funny, to romantic, to horrific. You watch me as much as I watch you. I never move, yet part of me moves all the time while I'm turned on. You turn me off less than you turn me on. What am I?

3) I climb your windows, but I'm not a fly. I could come from heat, but I'm not fire. I'm made from a basic necessity, but it's not air. I could turn invisible, but I'm not the invisible man. What am I?

4) A man and his son are out driving one day, when they crash and have a serious accident. They are taken to hospital, but once the son is in the operating room, the doctor exclaims, "That's my son!" explain this.

5) I dress up with lots of glitter every night, and stand out every time. I am tiny, yet I am humongous, there are a million of me, yet I am individual. Only few can see the pictures we can make together. I am seen a lot of the time, but what am I?

6) I come around once a year, sometimes more depending on where you are in the world. I am magical, yet a hell raiser. I am such fun, yet extremely dangerous. You get told when I am coming, but what am I?

7) I played this instrument with such delicacy, but it can be played strong and hard. It has many strings, but you never touch them when you play it, it can be any colour, but you only touch the bits that are black and white. I am well known to many, but what am I?

8) Some people love me, others despise me. I have caused riots, and extreme anger. I am loved by girls, but given some of them a fever. (I don't like this person) but who is this diva?

9) A British fifthteen year old walks into a bar, no parents, no supervision. He walks up to the bar, and says, "Can I have a pint? Cheers." The bartender get's the beer, gives it to him, and lets him drink it. The drinking age limit in Britain is eighteen, so how is this possible?

10) A case of a murder is run in the middle of summer at three pm for the murder of Lord Humphrey. He was murdered by poisoning. There are four suspects who could be the murderer. The first suspect (his wife lady Silvia) says at the time of the murder she was reading her book. The second suspect (his butler Reeves) says that he was making tea for Lord Humphrey. The third suspect (his gardener, Darwin) says he was raking leaves outside to make room for a bed of roses. The fourth suspect (his son, Timothy) says he was just eating his lunch. One of these is the murderer, but whom?

Hello, -The-One-Who-Needs-A-Life- here, I've been bored today, and been making riddles, some of these are stolen (about 2 or 3 of them) but otherwise, all me, write in the review what your answer is, and I'll reply back telling you if you're right or not but I won't necessarily tell you the answer. Thanks for reading, and have a go, if you're wrong, it doesn't matter.



P.S. in about a week –or so- I'll post up the answers =]