Hey, this is a quickie little thing, trying my hand in poetry (which I never actually succeeded in). So if you know a thing or two about poetry, I wanna learn so please review!

By the Sea

The moon reminds him of what the sun once told him,
Standing by the sea, knowing it's listening.
He stares at the moon, thinking of his doom.

Dusk came to guide him away,
Yet he stands by the sea, never moving.
Try as they may, he'll never move out of the way,
The sun rose to greet him with a knowing.

Then sun once warned him of what would happen,
A warning never heard by him,
Crash! The sea opens its mouth, taking the man off his route.

This was first published on my other account on but since I will be "deleting" that account I decided to post my old stuff here. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading.

As you can see, this is one of my first poems so thanks for the support!