Chapter 2

"So what's the Dish on that new guy?" Crystal asked during lunch.

"Yeah I hear he's hot." Britney replied.

"I heard he got kicked out of his old school for bringing a motorcycle on campus." Jessie said.

"Guys, he's a nobody. I met him already. Nothing to worry about it." I told my friends he was a loser, so they could leave him alone. I think that part of me wanted to just keep him for myself, but anyway, let's continue.

"So Alexis, we didn't get a chance to get rid of your third period class. The guidance counselor was like-"

I cut Jessie off and said "Don't worry; I'll just have to take care of the situation myself."

"Okay" Jessie replied.

"In fact, I'll go take care of that now. You guys can stay here and finish your lunch, while I go to the office." I said

"You sure? 'Cause I'm finished eating." Crystal asked.

"Well, I guess you could come." I agreed. Then Crystal and I went to the guidance office and Mrs. Burke, the secretary was at the front desk.

"Hello, I'm Alexis Davis. I'm here to talk to Ms. Chris?" I said

"Ms. Chris no longer works here. You're going to have to talk to Dr. Lamb." She said.

"Okay, thanks." I said and then I went to talk to Dr. Lamb. I strut into his office without knocking and stood in front of him in an intimidating stance. He was a large Caucasian man, and in my opinion dressed slovenly with a t-shirt and khaki pants.

"Hello Dr. Lamb I'm Alexis Davis, I'm here for a schedule change." I told him

"All right, I might be able to help you. What class are you missing?" Dr. Lamb asked.

"Music Appreciation" I told him.

"Well, you're going to have to wait two weeks." He said to me

"What? Two weeks?" I asked.

"I am only allowed to change academic core classes the first two weeks of school." He explained

"Do you think I care about what you're 'allowed' to do? Do you know who my daddy is? Moreover, what he has done for this school? If only you knew, then you would have no hesitation in doing me a small favor." I said with a smirk.

"Well, sweetie" he replied with the same smirk "you're dad could be the president of the United States, and I still wouldn't change the rules. You're going to have to wait like everybody else."

With my face agape, I turned around and stormed out of the room, Crystal following behind me.


The next day, I went to school and dreaded what lay ahead. I went to first, and second period, each boring and drawn out. Lunch was filled with more gossip and mindless chatter, and then I went to music.

"So guys, I want to try out an experiment on you all today. Everyone will be partnered up, so take out a piece of paper, write your name down and put the paper in this hat." Dr. Chase said.

I wrote my name down and put it in the hat; when all the names were in, he told each one of us to go up and pull out a name. The name that I pulled out was none other than Ethan, the new guy. I walked over, sat next him and introduced myself.

"Hello, I'm Alexis Davis" I greeted him with a handshake "You're new here right?"

"Yeah, I just transferred" he said nonchalantly. He didn't react the way guys usually would when they first saw me. I flashed him a bright smile, and it still didn't make a difference. The assignment was to name five of the greatest classical composers. He pretty much did all the work, considering I was tied off from music at the time. Anyway, our conversation was what made that day important.

"So you know any classical composers?" He asked.

I chuckled. "No. I used to, but I only listen to mainstream music now. Classical music can be phenomenal, but it brings back horrible memories for me. That's why I want to get out of this class."

"You want to get out of this class? You shouldn't, music is something worth appreciating." Finally, he smiled. Just that one grin warmed me up, and made me blush.

"Yeah, um, I guess." I replied, fumbling for words.

"I'll have to write down all the composers I know then. Let's see there's Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven. Each of these people were pretty prominent in influencing the classical music of today." Ethan said

"Okay what do we do now?" I told him.

"Well I guess we just wait." He said, smiling again. This time it was a one-sided smile, barely noticeable, but yet it still warmed me up. At that moment, I started to think about what he said on the first day of school, the definition of music. "Remember on the first day of school you read your definition of music? I totally thought that was cool, but at the same time it weirded me out. It was like you were saying the exact words that I used to say. But anyway, it's really nice that you feel so passionate about music."

"Oh thanks, I really think—" He was then cut off by Dr. Chase

"Everybody finished?" Dr. Chase asked. "Well let's go around and hear everybody's answer." So that was that, and Ethan didn't even get a chance to tell me what he was going to say. But later that day I was looking through my notebook and a note fell out. It said:

"If you ever want to finish our conversation, give me a call 645-2234"

It was Ethan! I wondered 'Should I call him? I'm Alexis Davis, how's it gonna look if I talk to a new kid? You know what never mind, I'll just throw away the number. But he is cute, and he is so nice. It's not like anyone will ever know..So I called him.'

So that's chapter two, I know it's short. Sorry I haven't updated for like a month, but I promise, promise, promise the next chapter will be up no later than a couple weeks from now