How did the New Years Eve midnight kiss originate? When did all the couples in the room become intertwined? And how the hell did I end up alone on a ratty couch with a damn bull mastiff trying to sit on my lap?

These were thoughts that plagued my head continuously as I sat on the damn ratty orange couch circa 1977 in my best friend's basement in 2004. We were only 17 and it was our junior year of high school in Texas. Our football team had won state that year, and Lori's older brother was the one that threw the winning touchdown pass. You know what they say, football is king.

Lori's twin brother William, or Liam as he was more commonly known was currently across the room from me on a bean bag eating a plate of little smokies. His girlfriend Sandy had broken up with him the day after Christmas. I was positive she just wanted her gifts out of him; she was just a vindictive bitch like that.

As their dog Beau kept inching closer and closer to me, along with his three inch string of drool, I kept moving closer and closer to the armrest. I desperately wanted to leave because Liam and I were the only one's not attached to someone and it was uncomfortable. Not to mention I was scared Beau was going to start humping my leg again.

"Well I think I'm going to get out of here," I announced wiping my palms on my jeans.

"No!" Lori whined from her perch on her boyfriends lap.

"Lor, my daddy said I had to be home by 12:15 and it's 11:55 now. You know how he gets," I said grabbing my bag.

"Here let me get that," Liam said taking my bag of food from me.

"Thanks," I mumbled softly grabbing the other bag.

"Thanks for walking her out Liam," Lori called as we walked up the stairs.

I bid goodnight to Mr. and Mrs. Hunt, and told Liam to put the bag in my backseat. When he shut the door his watch beeped that it was midnight. I sighed and started to move around to the driver's side of my 1994 Honda. I wasn't getting my hopes up for a kiss, especially since Liam thought of me like a sister. And I only knew this because I overheard him and his buddies talking after a game one night when he needed someone to go to the dance with. One friend suggested me stating I was "a hot piece of ass, and if we became a couple we could fake sleepovers with his sister." Needless to say that idea was immediately shut down by him.

"Happy New Year Katie," Liam said softly as I opened my door.

"Same to you, have a good night," I smiled as I sat down.

As I drove down their winding driveway I felt one tear roll down my cheek. I had hoped this would have been the day I could finally say I had kissed a boy, but once again another midnight on New Year's Eve had come and gone and I was still inexperienced. Better luck next year right?

A/N: This is just something I feel compelled to do. I've been bombarded by holiday one shots, and multi-shots and I can't stop myself from feeling inspired. This one will be around 4 chapters, short and sweet. No beta (even though I lurve mine more than words can say), plenty of mistakes, and a whole lot of love.

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