I was tired as hell, grumpy, and God as my witness I was freaking leaking. This wasn't the best New Years Eve to date, but this had become my life. Exactly two years after he proposed Liam and I got married, on New Years Eve and our first kiss as husband and wife was at midnight. Idyllic? Hell yeah and we had the best photos to prove how magical that night was.

"Momma, where's daddy?" Liam and I's four-year-old son Will asked pulling on my pants.

"He's at work, sewing people up," I told him scooping him into my arms.

"Like he did Elmer?"

I nodded and laughed a little at remembering when our dog Blue had ripped the arm off of Will's stuffed dog. Poor Liam had to sew that toy up so quickly, and he didn't trust me to do it right. I didn't do stitches all day so I definitely didn't argue.

"Momma?" Will asked linking his thin arms around my neck.

"Yes baby?" I replied bouncing my sweet boy around.

Will was the spitting image of Liam at his age, but he had my green eyes. I dreaded the day my baby boy no longer needed or wanted me.

"Do you love Ashley more than me?" he asked twirling a piece of my hair around his finger.

I immediately held him closer to me before I reassured him that no, I didn't love his sister more than him. Ashley had been the brunt of so much lately because she was still a newborn and required so much of our attention. Will was having such a hard time adjusting even though he swore he loved his sister.

"Hey guys," Liam called from the door of our brownstone.

No we hadn't moved back to Texas. When Liam was offered an amazing position in an ER in the city we couldn't turn it down. The extra money from his position allowed us to enroll our children in an amazing private school, and to purchase this brownstone. We did continually visit our families as often as we possibly could.

"Daddy!" Will squealed turning towards where his father was.

"Hey buddy, did you take care of my girls for me today?" Liam asked ruffling Will's hair.

"Just like you told me to," he smiled.

My son absolutely melted me. He was so sweet except for when I wouldn't let him swim in the pond in Central Park. I kissed my husband hello and motioned for him to go take a shower. While Liam was showering I put our son to bed, fed our daughter, and put on a little something.

"Baby, today was so crazy! I don't understand why the village idiots come out on holidays but it's getting old," my husband chuckled to himself from the bathroom.

The years had been kind to Liam that was for sure. He maintained his football physique by running and playing pick up basketball whenever he could. Sure he had some new lines around his eyes, and his hair was becoming a bit thin towards the back but I sure wouldn't change it.

"I think it's the idea of unleashing after being annoyed by family," I laughed.

As Liam strolled into the room the water rolling down his body immediately turned me on, and how low his towel was slung around his hips.

"Damn baby," he breathed coming to a halt when he saw me.

Sure two kids hadn't been kind to my body. I didn't bounce back so great after Ashley was born but I was back in Pilates and training for the marathon. My pooch definitely didn't stress me out too bad, and since I had the all clear from my doc I was ready to get down on my husband.

"Oh just a little something I spent with your hard earned money today," I smiled trying to maneuver myself to the best light.

"Anytime you want to spend my money like that feel free darlin'" he smiled dropping his towel.

Oh yes, Happy New Year to me.

A/N: Well it's the end of the road for these kids...cute right?