So I wrote this after reading a nasty poem some wrote about me on Deviantart, and I'm tottally over it now (after ranting raving cursing and writing this) But I fell in love with it and Needed to post it somewhere, so here it is. Hope you enjoy it! XD If you'd like to read the thing I was responding to, cause I know someone will, Just PM me or ask in a review.

I wanted to talk, and yet I refrained.

And now you say, you're going insane,

Well, you lied to me and broke my trust,

And now the world is so fucked up.

I felt bad enough, when I'd done it once,

And then, through your kindness and understanding,

I was charmed into trying again.

And once more I had to turn you down in the end.

So fuck you and your fucking shit,

And you're fucking Pity Party too.

'Cause I no Longer Care,

And neither do you.

So, Hope you liked it, and even if you didn't, I'd like to hear your opinion. Thanks! XD