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When you think of life as a kid, it's more a like a board game. At the beginning you're a little kid, next you're a teenager, an adult and at the end you turn into an old person. At the same time you face all the fun challenges it offers you.

But that's not the case.

Life is rollercoaster when I think about it really. With its up hills and down hills or it's slow and fast days. Just like those unexpected twists and turns.

Well that's how I felt today when I woke up too early for comfort. Actually that's just the beginning. The unexpected twist is when someone rings my doorbell. Especially when that person is a messy haired, green eyed someone. The very someone I don't want to see in the morning with his hard stare.


"Eric? How do you know where I live?!" I shouted.

My initial reaction was complete shock.


He tried to stay cool and collected, but I could tell he was just as nervous as I was. But hey, at least he wasn't wearing Power Rangers pajamas.

"Ah. Why are you here then? Oh…want to come in?"

"No, I'll be leaving in a moment. I just wanted to say thanks."

When he saw my look of confusion, he sighed.

"I mean thanks for hiding the drugs."

"No problem. Though it was Ethan who threw it away."

"I know. He was giving me the cold shoulder all during practice."

That stunned me. Ethan giving one of his teammates the cold shoulder. It was just too much to believe. And for what? Handing me a Ziploc bag of drugs? Or for using drugs in the first place?

I'm suspecting the latter. I mean he'd probably laugh his ass off if I got caught with drugs. Especially if I were bound to get suspended.

"Is that all? You just wanted to thanks, because if that's it, you're welcome as I said previously."

"That and if you ever need anything, I got your back."

"My back? Like if I needed a favor?"

"Yeah. Do you need any at the moment?"

This was a surprise. Ethan just seemed to be expanding my world.

At first it was just Jamie and I, but she moved leaving me alone. Then I broke Ethan's arm causing an uproar in the school. Chris came and sought me out because he had heard of me after transferring here. Now he's like my best friend. And now Eric was offering to do me a favor.

"Not at the moment."

"If that's all then…"

He turned around, leaving me at the front door. I just stood there blankly until I remembered.

"Eric!" I shouted running out barefoot after him.

The cold was forming goose bumps on my legs and arms.

"I actually have a favor. I need you to find out something for me. I need to know the connection between Chris and Ethan!"


"Thank you."


Once I was at school, everyone was buzzing on about the drama production Mr. Howard was hosting. Jamie wasn't around meaning she was probably already sitting at class waiting for the sheet to come forth.

I took a seat and waited for the bell to ring so class would start.

"Great job by the way," Mr. Howard began when class started. "It took a while to pick who would play who, but in the end…well take a look yourselves. We'll start rehearsals after school."

He started the paper on the other side of the room then started the lesson. Just as he started, Ethan waltzed in with a note excusing his tardiness.

Grumbling, Mr. Howard pointed to the empty seat next to me then started again. Ethan looked at me and shot me a smile.

I felt a shiver crawl up my spine. He definitely wasn't happy at me.

I groaned. What did I do now?

When I finally got the paper, I had butterflies in my stomach. I looked for my name.

Juliet: Sophia Richardson

Lady Capulet: Jamie Melbourne

Nurse: Stella Aldine

Sir Capulet: Andrew Pena

Then my eyes met the bottom of the paper. Right there, in bold font, the words taunted me.

Romeo: Ethan Campbell

I looked at him. He was already spacing off. So…maybe he wouldn't notice if I just passed it to the next person and-

"I didn't see it Richardson," he said a deep voice.

I paused and stared at him.

"See what?"

"The list. Let me see it."

"Um…but Miranda really needs to see it."

"Well she can wait," he grumbled snatching it out of my hand.

I mentally kicked myself and sunk low in my chair. When I heard the curses from under his breath I wished I could disappear.


"This isn't funny Chris!" I snapped out when he burst into laughter.

"Yes it is Sophia."

"Jamie…" I groaned. "Not you too."

"Sorry," she giggled.

"Perfect. This is just fudging perfect!"

"Fudging?" asked Chris looking up.

"Don't even," I glared.

He burst into laughter again causing Jamie to laugh even harder than before. Chris sobered up for a moment and stared at me.


"You'll probably have to kiss."


"Yeah, you know…"

He turned around and did a fake make out session.

"Like that."

"Shut up!" I shouted throwing my sandwich at him before leaving the lunch table.

When they only laughed again, I cursed at them.

"Stupid…pigs…ugh!" I mumbled as I stormed down the hallway. "Inconsiderate friends. Hah, kiss? As if I would kiss him…stupid pig. Why I-

"Oh I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed looking up. "Are you ok-

My breath froze for a moment.

"Ethan," I squeaked.

His eyes might as well have been red. And he might as well have been breathing fire, because he was beyond angry. His mouth pressed into a firm line. Anger flowed off his body and strangled me.

"You want to hear something funny Sophia?"

Don't answer Sophia. It's not funny…don't listen to him.


"Eric wanted to know what was between me and Chris. Strange how he knows something is up."

My heart skipped a beat, panic spreading its wings in my throat and burning its way down to my stomach.

"That is strange; we should ask him some more questions."

"It is, especially since you've been trying to worm out information from me and Chris."


"Shut it Richardson. I know what's going on. Don't go asking for favors when you know anything. I've told you it doesn't concern you. It's not important."

I stayed quiet for a moment until I regained my voice.

"If it's not important then why won't you tell me? After it's not important Campbell."

"Don't go twisting words. Stay out of this. Better yet stay away from Chris."

"Away from Chris! He's my friend. I don't what's wrong with you guys, but I won't stay away from someone who's been nothing but nice to me. Maybe you're just jealous."

Bad move Soph…

"Jealous?! I'm trying to be nice, and you throw it all back at my face by telling me I'm jealous of Chris?!"

"Nice? I don't think being nice means telling someone to stay away from a friend!"

"You know what? I don't care anymore. Whatever happens happens. When you get hurt, don't come crying to me."

"Not like I ever did."

"Ethan! Bro, where'd you run off t- Oh…is this a bad time."

"No, actually this is perfect timing Jace. There's nothing important here anyways," said Ethan storming off.

Jace shot me a quick sympathetic look before running off to catch up with Ethan.

Fuck my life.

No fuck his life. I was perfectly fine till he came and ruined everything.


As I was walking to the auditorium, Ethan's friend came and stood in front of me.

"Move Jace."

"In a minute. Listen Sophia, about Chris…I think it would be better if you didn't talk to him anymore."

"I don't why either of you are so against him and I don't really care for reasons."

"So he didn't tell you," whispered Jace under his breath thinking I couldn't hear him.

"Ethan didn't tell me what?"

"Jace, enough," snapped Ethan his voice like ice.

"She should at least know part of it," whispered Jace back harshly.

"She's not even involved. End of discussion, let's go."

Ethan stormed off with Jace following behind him. Both of them were still arguing about the case.

As curious as I was, I was going to be late to class if waited here to think anymore.

Mr. Howard was talking to a group of girls who were obviously angry about being some kind of minor character. After a couple more minutes of listening to their arguments, he pushed past them and clapped his hands.

"Attention kids, Ms. Lavelle has caught the flu. So today, you'll only pick up your scripts."

He called us up one by one and handed us our scripts. I tucked mine into the smaller pocket of my backpack and headed outside when I saw Chris.

He flashed me a smile that showed off his perfect teeth.

"Just the girl I was looking for."

Unusually, my heart started pounding heavily.

"What do you want?"

Smiling, he turned around and pulled something out of his bag.

"Here's your sand which."

Dumbfounded, I grabbed the sand which I had thrown at him then burst out laughing.

Pleased with himself, he walked closer towards me.

"Are you going to Ethan's house?"


"Is he giving you a ride?"

"No, I decided to walk there now."

"Hmm, how about I give a ride?"


"No 'Buts', let's go."

I followed behind him, feeling odd.

But in a good way.

Strange huh?

As I got into Chris's car, I swear I almost heard a familiar voice curse. But when I turned to look in the rearview mirror all I saw was a crowd of students.

"Do you actually enjoy working over at Campbell's house?" asked Chris as he drove.

I looked up at him then shrugged, even though I knew he didn't see me.

"It's not a matter if I enjoy it or not, it's something I'm forced to do because of my actions."


I thanked him when he dropped me off, then rang the doorbell. The wild barking and the steady stream of curses had me laughing. When the door flung open, Sophie leaped out and snuggled against my leg.

Behind her was Ethan who was soaked from head to toe standing in the doorway with that usual scowl on his face.

"It's a little too early to be playing with water."

"Very funny. It just so happened I was giving your dog a one-handed bath."

"Looks like she's the one giving you a bath," I smirked walking right inside.

Angrily, he picked up Sophie again and took her in the backyard to resume her bath while I began the homework.


Near 7 p.m. I gathered my stuff and got ready to leave. I piled Ethan's homework on the desk and hurried downstairs.

It was still light outside I noticed as I waited for the bus to arrive. An old man walked past me and gave a light smile.

Shortly after the bus arrived and I climbed up the steps, depositing the correct amount of fare into the box before I took my seat. I waited patiently waited for the stop in front of the café.

As I walked in, I saw a couple new faces working at the cashier and as a waiter. I sought out Annie, one of the waitresses I worked with.

"Did we get new employees?"

She brushed the black hair out of her face and smiled.

"Yeah, the others quit."

"I see."

Sighing, I tied my hair into a high ponytail, and put on my apron.


When I got him it was close to midnight, the café was pretty crowded tonight. Too tired to change into pajamas or calculate the bills we had got in the mail; I plopped right onto my bed and fell fast asleep.


Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't updated in like 4 weeks, but that's because – long story short, my computer caught a virus and died on me. Yeah, so I ended the story on a pretty lousy spot, but that's the way it was.

Thanks for all the support and reviews. Hope you enjoyed.