This is a simple story me and my friend wrote for fun. The rating might change later on, but I'll throw a warning up before an explicit chapter. I also tried to make this as historically accurate as I could. Within some realm I think I achieved that.


Chapter 1

Nothing Happens in Kansas

Victoria gave a soft sigh, as she walked the dirt street of her town. The sun had started it's decent on the horizon. Only a few more hours until dark would come. That, was Victoria's time to shine. The spring sky was a beautiful purple with swirling orange colors in the sky, the hard smell of horse manure and hay had subsided. Now the air was filled with the calm and sweet scent of the twilight hours. Her healed boots gently walked on the dusty dirt road. She was expecting them to get dirty, hopefully not so much. She held her overcoat together and looked ahead. A group of women were chattering and coming down the street. The proper women, that's what Victoria called them and in every sense of the word they were.

They always wore the prettiest dresses, the biggest hats, the finest makeup, and always had their hair done up nicely. The four women giggled to each other, gossiping and talking about their husbands, maids, anyone that really annoyed them today. Victoria even recognized one of them, she worked as her maid for a year. Beatrice was her name. They then caught sight of the young twenty-one year old. They didn't stop, just kept walking. Only giving a scowl and upturned noses in Victoria's direction.

They in their beautiful long teal and blue dresses. From what Tomas said, it was the latest fashion nowadays. Straight from Paris. Victoria stopped and frowned at them. It wasn't because Victoria had a bad relationship with Beatrice, on the contrary, she was a very good maid. Though she really couldn't do laundry at the time. What would you expect a girl of eighteen to do? It was because Victoria was a daughter of sin. A simple saloon girl, a temptress, a soiled dove, a prostitute dare she even use that horrid word. She frowned down to her black and purple dress, with a small slit up to just above her knee. Unheard of in her time, except in her line of work. Her matching, fingerless lace gloves with a sown flower on the top grabbed hold to the small petticoat as a shrill, cold gust of wind came. It was as almost if the ladies were throwing every ounce of evil and malice her way.

They obviously thought she was prowling the streets for victims, but this was not so. Her saloon owner, Jacob, had asked her to quickly run to Tomas's general store. He was busy fixing the stage today, he forgot about running to Tomas and picking up some much needed oil for his lamps. So, Victoria offer to go. She started to walk back towards the end of the street again. She really couldn't afford to day dream. She had to be ready for tonight. Once again, it was the monthly auction. Where Jacob would sell off his five girls to the highest bidder. The winner would have one girl for one night.

She hated using her body like that, but a job was a job. She really couldn't do much else. She could sing, dance, cook, clean, and has at least gotten better at laundry. Things were hard, out in the West. Grew up an orphan, no family to speak of. She had to make a living. It was when she turned nineteen that she met Jacob. Jacob was a young bar owner, who wanted to spruce up his place. He was offering money to those who want to help him build his saloon. Victoria, who was out of a job and living secretly in a barn, went to beg of him. But Jacob didn't want Victoria to build the saloon, he wanted her to work in it.

" I'll make you a star, Victoria. You're a nice woman, I'll take care of you. I just would like you to work in my saloon. I know it may seem silly, but I think people would love you. The men sure would. All you gotta do is serve drinks and entertain them. Pay might be low starting off, but when things pick up, you'll be getting ten dollars a week. That's a pretty penny if you think about it. What do you say, Victoria?"

She could still hear those words, and Jacob was very true to his word. He took care of Victoria. Only thing she doesn't like that he makes her do is sell her body. But even there is a line where she can't complain. She gets a handsome amount every week. Fifteen dollars. Twenty on her auction week, at least. It was good money, it was at least some form of money. She and the four other women would do their jobs, get paid, and have personal rooms set up in the back. Jacob had even put a small inn attached to the Saloon. So the girls and travelers could have a place to stay. She was given shelter, clothing, money and a rough sense of freedom. In this day, freedom felt like a god sent. Especially for women.

She walked up to the front porch of the general store, giving a small knock to the door. It was obvious Tomas was cleaning up, preparing to go home for the night. His head popped up from behind the counter and gave a soft smile to Victoria. The thin man practically ran over to the door and opened it.

" Miss Curro? What are you doing here?" he asked, scratching his temple.

" I've come to pick up the oil that Jacob forgot to get today. He's really needs it for tonight."

He smiled politely at her and ushered her in. "Alright then, Miss Curro. You really are quite nice to Jacob."

She chuckled lightly and going inside, " He pays me. So I look out for him."

Tomas adjusted his glasses as he went into the back room, " Miss Curro, when will you ever find a man?"

Victoria blinked and looked down to her feet. " Oh… I'm not sure… whenever one comes along I guess."

Tomas came back out with a box labeled with Jacob's name, " Only reason why I ask Miss Curro, is because you would make someone very happy one day."

" Tomas, you are too sweet."

" Then again Miss Curro, I'm sure every man in the West want you for their bride."

" Tomas! No man wants me that badly. I'm just Victoria. A simple saloon girl." She gave a playful glare to him and took the small crate. She gave a polite smile to him and went to go leave. " Will I be seeing you at the bar tonight?"

" Uh no, I'm spending the night with the missus. Were having a nice dinner together."

" I barely see you at the saloon anymore, Tomas. I always like to hear about your daughter." Victoria gave a soft frown, she always thought Tomas's daughter was the cutest thing in existence.

" Well, I'll be back soon. Just until she stops waking up at night." Tomas, gave a grin and helped Victoria outside.

" You take care of yourself Miss Curro."

" And you to Tomas!" Victoria gave a quick wave to him and started back to the saloon. Tonight was going to, once again, be a long one. Friday nights were always busy. Most men get their paychecks today, and be so eager to spend it at the saloons. Jacob offered fair prices, but most of the time it was the girls that caused these boys to run their money dry. Some men, Victoria felt, didn't mind wasting all of their money away. All men, were just the same. They wanted a piece of you, wanted something they couldn't have. For once, she wanted someone to just listen. Treat her like a person, and not like a woman, an equal. No such man probably existed, but it was nice to dream.