Admire or desire,
crush or love,
confusion or jealousy,
dream or reality?

Sometimes it's just all

Craving to meet you,
hoping to be near thee,
yet behind this screen,
I know I'm too far.

Or maybe I'm just too normal.

You are a star,
standing above the crowd,
whereas I'm just,
one of the many fans.

Standing in the sea of faces,
only hopping to be seen.

But it's all okay,
even if I can't get you today,
for years down the road,
I will stand above all.

And you'll be the one gapping,
as I touch the world of hearts.

I will not stay stationary,
and continue my journey,
forgetting you ever existed,
and working to be on top of the world.

I will not be worse off than you.


A/N: Alright, this is a poem I conjured up for reasons I don't know of. But yeah, do flame (: I know how badly done it is, but it's all your precious critics which will make it better (:

I thank everyone for any reviews posted (: