Hello, old pain, how you doing?

I guess that you are the reason why I am holding back what I want to keep persueing.

We both have no reason to feel guilty.

The feeling of you, I have lost entirely.

We both have done things that we wish we never did.
Hey, we were bother wrong, who am I to kid?

Love is love,

There is no such thing as rising above.

Now that I am certain that you are gone,

Maybe there will one day be another hand to be won.

Good-bye, my old fears, I'll leave them at the door.

That way, I won't be wanting more.

Yes, I'll never regret you, because in turn,

There are lessons that I needed to learn.

Hello new life,

Hello to no longer being afraid of the knife.

Goodbye to the rain,

And that old pain,

I'm much better than that.