As expected by Craig, Caelyn slept after Shane was taken was back to the nursery. He watched over her sleeping body. He was so happy that Shane was actually here and knew that she was even happier. He got up, rubbing her arm. She stirred in her sleep and groaned.

"Hmm?" Her eyes fluttered open.

He kissed her lips gently. "Well, good morning mommy."

"Haven't you been asleep?" She yawned.

"I've been watching you," he ran his fingers through her hair.

"About what you said," she sat up to the best of her abilities. "When you brought me in."

Craig just grinned and pulled a ring out of his pants pocket. "At least, I hope she's my fiance."

Caelyn smiled the brightest smile and pull him down into a kiss. "Of course I'm your fiance, Craig Alan Jacoby."

The next day Caelyn and Shane were released to go home. She signed the discharge papers and held her baby close as they walked out the door. Craig pulled the car around and help buckle Shane into the newly bought car seat. She got into the passengers seat, still feeling drowsy.

As soon as they pulled into the drive way, Shane woke up. Caelyn looked back, "Yeah, Bubba you're ready to see your home, aren't ya?"

Caelyn unstrapped him from the carseat and craddled him in her arms. She walked up to Shane's bedroom and sat in the rocking chair. Shane looked up at her, his eyes still wide. His arms were flailing showing that he was happy. She smiled down at him.

Somehow, she knew that this was the beginning of both of their lives. Craig would treat them both well. She'd have a loving husband in due time and Shane already had the father she'd hoped he'd have. And while she was afraid at started motherhood, she was doing well without the help of anyone beside Craig. Life was good and that wasn't going to change.

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