Ryuu lifted the tiny nekomimi boy's hips off the bed and lined himself up.

"Please don't!" the boy begged as tears streamed down his face, his entire body trembling in fear. Ryuu ignored him and thrust in. The small child screamed in pain. He was so small, his body couldn't take as much as Ryuu was forcing him to and it hurt more than it should.

"Please st-stop! It h-hurts!" he choked. His mouth opened wide as another scream left him. Saliva and tears dripped on the bed, soaking the sheets. Sweat dripped down his body as Ryuu pressed harder and deeper. The boy only stopped screaming in pain to gasp for breath or choke on his sobs. Blood trailed down his leg from the rough joining. Ryuu wrapped a warm arm around his chest and pumped the boy's flesh with his other hand. Ryuu knew the boy was too small, but he didn't like it any other way. He let the boy drool on the bed as he cried, too put out to scream anymore. Ryuu stuck his finger in the youth's mouth, letting him bite it to cope with the pain a little better. Ryuu stopped thrusting for a minute and the boy stopped biting. Instead he sucked on it like a soother as he cried. Ryuu continued pumping him and the boy rocked into his hand, cringing as it caused friction where they were still joined but unable to stop. Slowly, Ryuu started moving again and the boy whimpered as it rubbed against the painfully raw spots inside him. He turned his head away from the finger that was still in his mouth.

"Please stop, take it out." He cried quietly, shaking violently. Ryuu stuck his finger back in his mouth, not letting him take it out. Ryuu leant over, trapping the nekomimi's tail between his chest and the youth's back. He moaned as it twisted between their bodies and rubbed against his nipple. He thrust harder as it writhed, the soft fur tickling his torso in a pleasant way. The boy struggled desperately to get his tail free but only succeeded in arousing Ryuu even more. Finally, Ryuu managed to bring the youth to a climax and forced himself to follow so he wouldn't have to hurt him anymore. He withdrew and the boy collapsed on the bed, weak, sore, and in a rough shape. He trembled unstoppably from pain and curled up in a guarded ball, his tail wrapping around his small body.

"I'm sorry." Ryuu apologized sadly, kissing the boy on his forehead. And he meant it. The nekomimi whimpered as Ryuu picked him up, cradling him easily in one arm as he walked them over to the bath. He ran the warm water and climbed in, resting the boy in his lap so he wouldn't drown in the huge tub. Slowly and gently, he began to wash the youth.

"N-no." the boy argued weakly when Ryuu began to wash the blood off between his legs. "Shh. I won't do anything. I'm just washing you." He soothed. Ryuu could feel the boy's body slowly sink into his chest as he fell asleep. He watched the boy's steady breathing and knew he was finally relaxed. Ryuu finished cleaning them and dried them off before taking them back to a clean bed and lying down to sleep.