You saw through all my lies

With those warm brown eyes

I said I was fine, I was okay

And I faked a smile that would make anyone's day

I had lied, I had cried,

But couldn't tell you because of my stupid pride

Yet you knew anyway and stayed by my side

Uncovering all I had to hide

I was lonely; I felt all alone

But you were always on the other end of the phone

You were the one who stayed behind

When I got too absorbed in my mind

And alienated everyone else in the crowd

You stood by me, declaring it loud and proud

I tried to pull away again and ignored all my friends

But your affection and love seemed to have no end

You saved me when I fell into the hole I dug

You pulled me back and showered me with hugs

You are my foundation, my support, and my roots

You stay even if I start annoying, crazy disputes

I just want to say thank you

For everything you do

You're patient; you listen to whatever I have to say

You add colors to my bleak gray