Yeah, I know, there's an extra line in this one because while I was writing, I was like, "Holy crap, how could I not have the word guide in these poems? I have the word, lied, side, cried, pride, hide, but not guide?" So it's in this one because I thought of a sentence to put it in.

My lips had spoken many lies

Hidden by the light in my eyes

All the time, I told everyone I was okay

And forced a joke and a laugh that made everyone's day

I was broken, I was irreparable, and I cried

But I kept quiet because of my huge pride

I didn't have anybody by my side

So I always had to run and hide

Wandering without a guide

I knew there was no one, I was all alone

When I called, crying, you never answered the phone

Everyone moved on, and I was left behind

Left only with my sanity and my mind

I was the odd one in the crowd

Ignored and teased, I couldn't keep my head up and be proud

I tried to talk with my friends

But all the conversations led to a dead end

I am alone, shivering in this empty hole I dug

To separate myself from the world full of kisses and hugs

Trying to escape, I pulled up all my roots

And ran away from everyone's little disputes

I can't open myself up to talk to anyone, especially you

After all, what could you do?

Nobody can hear me screaming what I really want to say

And I worry my world will forever remain a dull gray