I Would Do Anything

I would do anything

To see you again

And hear your laugh

As I tell a joke

And see your smile

As we tell stories

And hear your voice

As you tell us riddles

And see your art

As I watch the master

And sit in the car

With you as the driver

And eat a meal

With you as the cook

And watch my cousins jump and play

As you take on the role of "World's Greatest Grandpa"

And sit on a sofa

With you on the other end

And carry a bag

With groceries that you brought home

And hug you

When I leave to go

And kiss you

When I realize that right now

You're all that I've got

I would do anything

To see that look on your face

That you would get when you were upset

But you knew you couldn't stay mad for long

I would do anything

To have you back

In my world

Where we can

Laugh and smile

And talk and

Draw and drive

And eat and

Play and relax


And help and

Hug and kiss

Each other

I would do anything

For you