Little Black Box

There's a little black box

That sits atop the shelf

And mocks me every night

Till I lose myself

And open it

Extenuating the work before me

And forgetting the day ahead

To make time for you to see

That I still remember

And I still care

I always know that

You'll be there

To watch over me

And protect me

From anything that hurts

Despite the pain inside my heart

I'll always put you first

And when I look inside the box

I'll see a gift from you

An envelope that clearly states

I meant a lot to you

From my year of birth

And labeled "Lucky Dollar"

A special bill

For which the reason I don't know

And probably never will

Behind that a deck of cards

Brand named Maverick

To remind me of a riddle

And slowly make me heartsick

A silver watch

Rests in between

The cushions and fabrics

That keep it safe and clean

So it can remain

The way you wore it

And I feel the pain

Quickly rush to my heart

As I remember the feeling

Of it brushing against my skin

Cold and healing

To the hurt

Of any day

Quickly gone

Like a ray

Of sunshine

In a dark world

You made me feel right

When all else was wrong

I close the box

And let the tears fall

Down my cheeks

And down my neck

Towards my heart

Where you can live forever