Friends Forever

I'll come to your aid,
if you ever need it.
I'll kill those idiots,
if they ever hurt you.

I became your friend then,
and so I've came to help you now.

I dream of a better tomorrow,
that we can walk hand in hand to.
I dream of a bright future,
that we head with close bonds to.

I want to work hard towards my dreams,
together with all you wonderful friends.

I tried to stand up all alone,
for I wanted to be strong.
I tried to believe all you've said,
for it was for you but not me.

I've sunk into a sea of fear,
for 'trust' has betrayed me time and again.

I wish, and only wish,
for us to patch up again.
I pray, and only pray,
for you to be true to me again.

I became your friend then,
so I'm here to lend you a hand.

I still trust this relationship,
so I have to believe you.

I believe you can change,
so I'll walk together with you.


A/N: Because I believe in you... because I trust you... Because I became your friend.. Can I ever... Ever bring myself to say these? Can I walk out of this self-torment? Can I step out of this fear...? And come in terms with 'believe'? And open up again to accept? Will I even be able to say those two words... "Forever Friends"?