Hello, my name is………… wait hold on. Hmm maybe I should start this story differently, I mean how many stories have you read that start with those words. It's probably scientifically proven to be the most common start to a story, that and 'Once Upon a Time'. I mean what is with that? Humph, it sickens me that the world has become so routined. I guess I should decide how to begin now, how about 'A Long Time Ago'? No that's still too common. Okay I have it, ready? Then let's begin.

I just fell in love with my gay roommate! Is that a good start? Well it's the truth. I live in an apartment in Sydney Australia. I work as a photographer I am my own boss and everything. I love my job and my family and friends. I am 20 years old, 5'6, I am proud to say rather ugly, I have never been beautiful and I never will be. My nose is too big for my face and my teeth are twisted, also to me immense embarrassment I have odd breasts! It's just devastating really. So anyway back to my story and my clearly interesting predicament. I have live alone for only a few months and to tell you the truth I just couldn't handle it, I got scared of a big thunderstorm we had. I know, I know childish but I couldn't help it, I hid under my bed. Anyway so I put an ad in the paper and got quite a few calls, I was pretty unsure about whom to choose until HE called, I knew who my new housemate was going to be. His voice was so smooth and deep, I just knew he was the one. But his voice was nothing compared to his looks, he was tall, dark and sexy. And to my absolute bliss he wore reading glasses. His name was Connor Hine and he worked as a, wait for it you're going to love this, Doctor! Can you believe he was my dream come true, except I knew somebody like me could never be with someone like Connor. We worked out the arrangements and the next weekend he was moved into my apartment. But the story begins a week after he moved in, a week of bliss turned into the week of hell! Oh by the way my name is Stephanie!

So this is just the prologue guys, if I get a decent amount of reviews I will post another chapter but only if I get reviews. Please review this chapter. Thanks Lovably17