He always leaves the window open.

I've been out that window, and I know that it's just a sick joke, and that there's no freedom out of it. I remember when I went out, that first day, and came back after finding no way out. I had thought he forgot to close it, and I could escape through there. I was wrong though. It only goes to a closed in barren patch of dirt in the middle,-a kind of courtyard if you will- with all but one door locked.

That door leads right back to my own little room.

Even the disappointment of finding that there was no way out was nothing compared to the knowledge that he left the window open intentionally. It was the first of many "games" we were to play.

Of course, there was a "penalty" for falling for his feint, and that is to have that window open every day, knowing there is no way out, but still giving in to that stupid hope every time that maybe he forgot to lock one of the doors. He never "forgets" to lock a single one, but sometimes he changes the way back to my room- making a new circuit of locked doors and open ones just to keep me guessing, and to keep him amused. He really does find it amusing too. Every day that I come back to my room by the circle he set up for me, he laughs like it's the funniest thing in the world. He says that the fact I do it every day "just makes it so much more amusing".

Even more infuriating than that is how thorough he is in cleaning up the rooms he uses. Nothing out of place, nothing new, nothing potentially lethal-unless it's something I could use on myself. I refuse to do that though. The only way I'm dying is if I take him with me- if only to keep him from laughing over my corpse.