The entire room was full of giggling girls and determined gentlemen, all searching for the perfect object to epitomize the character of princess Rosette.
"They're using objects to try to describe a person" Kieran couldn't explain why he disapproved of this so strongly, but that did not stop the feeling from arising and reemphasizing itself at regular intervals.
He was still wrestling with his discomfort when he caught sight of her. She looked-well- entertained at the very least.

Prince Kieran settled back in his chair, listening to the outrageous comparisons some of the courtiers had concocted, and even found himself laughing along with his sister at a particularly strange comparison involving a lamp shade.

"As long as she favors something you melt right into it, no matter how you react to it at first" Lily had said when he told her of a similar incident only a week ago.
Glancing over at his sister, he was ashamed to admit the truth of that statement.
The favor of princess Rosette always became his own.