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Ancel ducked out of the club, gratefully trading the pounding music and stifling heat for the dull sound of a muffled base and the deep cold that was early February. He shivered and regretted his choice in clothing, tight jeans and a loose shirt that clung to his waist. Maybe full vampires couldn't feel the cold but he was only a fledgling so he felt it just fine.

For the first time in his life he'd gone out by himself; not with his cousin, not with an entourage, completely alone. It had been a whim; he couldn't handle sitting in his room anymore. Mangetsu would be flying in the next day and insisting he go to clubs anyway so he might as well get used to it. He stood up, put on the last uncomfortable outfit Mangetsu had forced him into and walked to the closest blood club he remembered, just to do it. The second he'd gotten there he'd realized what a horrible idea it had been. He liked being out, anywhere but the palace, but it was only fun with Mangetsu and Damien there, keeping him oriented. Being lost in the flashing lights and pounding music was just scary for him when he started wondering if he'd be able to find his way out. Finally, after an hour of milling around and trying to get into it, he resigned himself to returning to the cold quiet of his home and just waiting.

Unfortunately by the time he left, it was almost dawn and, even though it was a blood club that admitted only vampires and their human subjugates or companions, it was in an area of New York City that was dominated by werewolves. It was almost a ghetto, with dark dilapidated apartment buildings set close creating tiny alleyways that he had to navigate through, all the way back to Times Square.

He walked calmly for a few minutes, but as he became increasingly aware of the rising sun, he picked up his pace and rounded a corner. At the end of the narrow street he could see a figure, dark and looming against the side of a building. He froze and took a step back; he didn't have to go down that way, it was only a shortcut. There were at least three other routs he could take to get home. He stepped back again, thinking; he could feel the sun coming up. Sun meant pain and, eventually, death. It wasn't instant, the way it was in human movies, vampires bursting into flaming, screaming piles of melted flesh. It was slow, instantly making you weak but slowly burning through your aura, life force, until you simply died. He needed to get home before it rose and if he took another rout he wasn't sure he'd make it in time. Then he'd end up hiding in a doorway until the sun set. His father probably wouldn't care but if his cousin arrived before he got there she'd never let him hear the end of it, annoyed at him for not being more careful. He shook his head and stepped forward. He was a vampire, even if he was only a fledgling. He didn't have the superhuman strength or speed but he had the intimidation factor born only from his specie's reputation. If whatever he saw at the end of the alley gave him a problem and it was a human, he could simply charm them and slip away. If it was a werewolf, hopefully they'd notice what he was a leave him alone. If not, he could always fall back on his name, hoping they'd think twice about going after the Crown Prince of New York.

He started down the alley, strait backed, chin level, eyes strait ahead. He passed the figure, a human male who offered a brief nod, and Ancel returned it, forcing is face to remain impassive.

No problem at all…

He rounded the next corner completely relaxed, only to find four sets of eyes trained on him, all belonging to werewolves.

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