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She groaned and turned.

"I forget your name, you might as well... say... it..."

She stood frozen, staring at the man before her. He smiled uncertainly and cocked his head.

"What? Am I that stunningly attractive?"

"Not even a little..."

The conditioned response was dulled slightly by her detached tone of voice but she recovered quickly.

I guess it's convenient...

"I'm Kira by the way."

He offered his hand; not sporting some ridiculously over sized rock, waiting to be kissed, but just his hand, waiting to be shook. Mangetsu stared at it until he dropped it, laughing nervously.

"And here I was told you'd be chilly."

"By who?"

He blinked and swept a hand through brilliant dark hair, alight with copper.

"Um... my father... and my brother... and the driver-"

"Alright, enough."

He shifted in front of her, sticking his hands in his pockets.

"Can I buy you a-"

"It's an open bar genius. Mang?"

Damien appeared over her shoulder and offered her a glass of red wine which she took, giving him a look that he misinterpreted.

"Sorry, the vodka's-"

"Polish I know."

"Figured. Who's..?
"Damien, meet my fiancé. Fiancé, Damien."



They both looked at Mangetsu who took a long draught of her wine, glancing back and forth between them over the rim of her glass. On one side she saw red.

On the other, a familiar and thus, unsettling, green.


"You're positive?"

"Of course I'm positive, I knew the second I saw him..."

"Well a lot of auras are almost identical-"

"Not his, it's neon. Strong too..."

"How strong?"

"I think we're even and on a good day he's probably stronger than me."



"What do we do?"

"About what?"

The door opened and Ancel stepped in, pushing a stray lock of hair out of his face, tucking it behind his ear.

Mangetsu squeezed her eyes shut and jabbed at her temple with a sharp tipped index finger.

"Met my fiancé..."

He crossed the room quickly; they were being put up in a luxury hotel for the day; Ancel had a huge room and Mangetsu had a suite across the hall. It was cream and pink. There was a huge four poster, covered in a rosy comforter and swathed in a gauzy pink canopy. Mangetsu sat on the edge of it like she might catch something. He sat next to her, glad she had changed out of her dress so he didn't have to worry about crushing the skirt.

"Is he..." He searched for an adjective; nice was certainly out of the question. "...okay?"

"It turns out we've dealt with him already."


It wouldn't have surprised him if Mangetsu had met the man and forgotten, but he usually remembered names.

"We," She reiterated. "Call your little boyfriend, tell him we know who tried to take Katia."


"You're positive?"

He nodded as he spoke, despite the fact the Arkady was miles away in his nice, warm apartment while he was pacing back and forth in an icy room in an over priced hotel, acutely aware of who occupied the rooms around him.

"Yes. Mangetsu is anyway but she's usually right... I can't see auras, even if I meet him I probably won't be able to i.d. him..."

"You didn't meet him?"


"And you're not near him now, right?"

"Are you in the same room as your cousin?"

"No, I'm across the hall."

"... What about Damien?"

"He's with Mangetsu... He usually sleeps a little, then he goes out and... Does whatever, then he comes back and sleeps until sundown, why..?"

"Why don't you stay with Mangetsu?"

Ancel blinked and stopped pacing.

"Wha- Why?"

There was a static sigh on the other end.

"I don't know... If he's interested in Katia and you were there when it happened he might know you're connected and..."

"Mangetsu was there when it happened too and she killed everyone he sent. If he knew anything and he wants to go after either of us, it's going to be her."

"Maybe but he obviously wants something and he's violent and you said he's powerful and-"

"So is everyone here kasha," He spoke gently like Arkady did to him when he couldn't fall asleep. The wolf sounded worried tired and more than a little worried. "Trust me, they look at me and they don't even see me. I'm nothing to them, I'll be fine. You need to worry about Katia and Kisa and yourself too please. Mangetsu thinks he's going back first thing tonight but until then he's going to have a lot more people in the city than he normally could. They're probably watching you guys. Try to keep Katia inside, she's with you right?"

The wolf grunted affirmatively.

"Yeah, I picked her up this morning. I'm dropping her back off with Kisa in a few hours though, she's working the night shift at a diner."


There was silence for a moment but neither felt the urge to hang up. Ancel flopped down onto the bed, bouncing up slightly and landing again, head on a pile of cushions. Apparently the impact was heard over the phone and Arkady's reaction sent a laugh bubbling through the vampire.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing... I laid down, the bed was bouncy, I'm five years old, sorry..."

"You didn't lay down, you took a running start or something, you're not heavy enough to make that noise."

"No, really, it's one of those giant beds they have in hotels, every time I move the entire thing shakes. I hate big beds, they never get warm. I guess I'm the only one who's actually going to sleep today but still..."

"Are you going to sleep?"

"Trying," He admitted, running a hand through his hair, "I think I'm too on edge now..."

Curled on his side, Ancel put the phone on speaker and set it in front of his face, closing his eyes.

"Is Katia alright?"

"She fine... got in a fight with Kisa last night..."

"Cause of Damien?"


Ancel sighed.

"I honestly don't know what he thought he was doing and I don't think he does either. I swear sometimes he's worse than I am..."

"What do you mean 'worse than you'?"

"As far as common sense goes Arkady, you have to admit I do some pretty stupid things on the semi-regular basis..."

"You really think that?"

There was genuine amusement in the wolf's voice and Ancel was suddenly self-conscious.

"Well... kind of..."

"You haven't done anything stupid since I met you... Except maybe getting stuck in an ally at sunrise with a bunch of ass-holes but technically that's how I met you so I can't really complain can I?"

"No, I suppose you can't."

Ancel smiled and listened to the back ground noise of Arkady's morning, laughing when he heard the unmistakable noise of Arkady's microwave; he always thought it sounded like it was going to explode.

"I can hear you, don't tell Kisa. Pizza rolls for breakfast is not a crime..."

And this made the vampire laugh again, for reasons he didn't understand.

"I don't usually get homesick on trips like this... It's nice to get out of that building. But right now I'd much rather be sitting in your apartment watching you eat pizza rolls... whatever they are."

And that made Arkady laugh for reasons he completely understood.


"He's weird Damien, I can't get a read on him..."

Mangetsu, having gotten over her disgust for the bed-spread, was hanging upside-down off the end of the bed, hair fanned out on the floor. Damien was sprawled on the arm-chair across form her, watching shimmering silver-blue blood rush to her head, giving her face a a bluish tone and making her lips dark, like she'd been out in the cold.

"What do you mean?"

"He doesn't seem vicious... I don't get that vibe from him."


"So he tried to kidnap a little girl for who knows what. You've gotta be pretty vicious for that."

"Alright, he's good at hiding it."

She shook her head, ignored the sudden trill of her phone.

"I just want to know what's going on with that kid, why he wants her."

"I bet you'll find out, he'll probably want your help."

She shook her head decisively.

"No. I don't think he knows I know and if that's the case he won't want me to find out. he'll think I'll turn her over to my father. He doesn't want to compete for... whatever it is."

This produced a shrug from Damien, He had some, no doubt greasy, fast-food item in his hand and was chewing thoughtfully. Mangetsu wrinkled her nose.

"Why do you insiston eating that stuff? You've got unlimited funds, you could get anything..."

"This was close. I'm not picky like moi."

"Moi means 'me' you idiot, you hear it often enough, you should know."


She glanced away, twisted her mouth to the side. Damien braced himself; once she was on a roll there was no stopping her.

"You really need to be careful how you act."


She sat up and turned to face him, crossing her legs. Her already short nightgown rode up and she shimmied it down pointlessly.

"You pushed some prince of where-ever earlier, you could have gotten yourself killed."

He snorted and balled up his wrapper.

"They know who I am, they're not going to do anything."

Her face tensed and she flicked her hair over her shoulder.

"They know who I am, not you. You pull that shit by yourself and see what happens. You're human, they'll tear you apart."

Damien sighed petulantly.

"I can handle myself Mang."

"No." Her voice rose to a startling volume and she quickly brought it in check. "You can't, and with this marriage my power slips even further. I'm not going to be able to get away with the same stuff and neither are you."

"But your still a fuckin' princess, they're not gonna-"

"Yes they are. You are not gonna be able to hide behind me forever-"

"Hide behind you-"

"You're human!" Once again she had to force her voice lower, "It's not you they're afraid of."


The ride back was quiet. Ancel found himself sat between Mangetsu and Damien while they busied themselves doing anything but look at one another.


"So they know who's going after Katia? They can kill him?"

Arkady made a face.

"Apparently it's not that simple."

"She kills people all the time, how the hell is it 'not that simple"? It sounds pretty fuckin' simple to me..."

"It's this Kira guy... Mangetsu's engaged to him."

As soon as he said it he regretted it; the knife Kisa was using to peel potatoes skid off course and sliced her finger. She smacked it down on the cutting board irritably and ripped a paper towel off of the roll, wrapping it around the cut.

"Are you kidding me? She probably working for him!"

"No she's not, Ancel said she just met him yesterday."

"Yeah well..."

She mumbled something unintelligible as red steadily soaked through her make-shift bandage.

"What was that?"

"Oh come on, you don't think he's gonna tell you anything she wants him to?"

Arkady bristled and narrowed his eyes.

"No, I don't."

His sister checked her wound and cussed.

"Sorry, I didn't mean that, go get me a band-aid."

He had the sneaking suspicion that she was apologizing just so he'd get her a band-aid. Still, he didn't think she had actually meant it and he stood, returning with a little beige strip.

"Why doesn't she kill him anyway? If she just met him it's not like they're in love or anything... Not that she's capable of that."

"I asked the same question. Apparently if Ancel's father wants it, it's going to happen. If she kills him she's defying her uncle, he's the... patriarch... or something... and if she does that then... something... bad will happen."

She stared at him, brows raised.

"'Something 'bad' will happen? Are you five?"

"He didn't exactly give me details Kisa. Mangetsu has a security detail on Katia so if he comes near her, he's dead. But they have to try to avoid killing him for now."

Slightly placated Kisa tossed the wrapper from her band-aid and went back to peeling.

"I take it this will come up in conversation tonight."

Arkady groaned and Kisa leaned on the table, pointing her knife at him.

"You don't have to interrogate him all night, just make sure you know what's going on. And if he gets nervous, push him. I wouldn't put it past her to threaten him into lying I'm not saying he wants to lie to you!"

Arkady sat back down and pulled a piece of red pepper off of the side of the cutting board. Kisa glared.

"God you fuel like a Sherman tank. It's good Ancel doesn't have to eat, you'd be fighting over food..."

What's this? Things are finally going somewhere? Yes. Yes they are. That is all I have to say.