Chapter 100: Marriage II


Yuki looks at Takashi who merely replies. "Let's go then."

Ayumi leads them out of the party into the woods. After taking a few steps, she turns around to face Yuki. "Is it okay for you to run in that dress? Or do you need me to hold the end of the dress for you?"

"Is it that far?" Yuki asks again.

Ayumi smiles wider. "Not far … but we need to run."

Takashi offers to help Yuki but she rejects his help politely. Yuki picks up the end of the dress and Ayumi breaks into a run. Takashi and Yuki follow her immediately and they slow down within the next five seconds. Ayumi eventually slow down to a walk with Takashi and Yuki following her actions behind her. Ayumi walks to the base of one of the trees at the edge of the forest and leans against the bark, facing her right. On her right, there is an opening that leads out of the forest but there is not much ground as it is a cliff.

Takashi and Yuki walk up to Ayumi and follow her eyes to notice a figure standing outside the forest. This person is dressed in a black cloak and nothing can be seen as they are facing the person's back. The person is staring into the distance at the edge of the cliff. Yuki's eyes turn to Ayumi who merely motion her to walk towards the person in the black cloak. Yuki takes a careful step out of the forest as quietly as possible with Takashi behind her and she stops when she is about four meters away from the person.

Eventually the person turns around but it is still impossible to see the person's face in this darkness. Yuki takes a small step forward, trying to see the person's face. The person's head tilts to the right as the person finally speaks. "You look beautiful."

Yuki's eyes widen at the same time as Takashi's as they take in the voice of this person. "This voice …" Yuki whispers aloud.

A soft laughter can be heard from the person. "You can't recognize my voice anymore?" The person reaches up and pushes the hoodie off his head. Yuki drops the end of her dress onto the ground as she takes in the person's face. Her entire body looks as though she is frozen to the ground.

"You look so defenseless like that." Shin laughs with his usual happy-go-lucky attitude.

"How is this possible?" Takashi whispers aloud, partially frozen to the ground as well.

"I'm not a ghost." Shin indicates as he takes a step forward and reaches out his hands. "I'm flesh and blood."

Yuki takes a small step forward again. "Shin …" She whispers before disappearing and appearing just in front of Shin and hugs him tightly immediately. Shin is taken aback by her sudden movement but eventually smiles as he puts his hands around her. "I thought I lost you." Yuki's voice sounds like she is crying.

"You don't have to cry." Shin replies as he pulls back and gently wipes off the tears on Yuki's cheek. "You're going to ruin all of your makeup at this rate." Yuki shakes her head twice as more tears flow down her cheeks. "Come on … you shouldn't be crying … especially tonight … it's your wedding."

"But how …" Yuki whispers as she attempts to control her tears. "I watched you die …" She recalls the last time she has seen him. "That wound Jun inflicted on you was fatal … directly on your vital point … so how is it possible that you're standing here right now?"

Shin smiles as he takes a quick look at Ayumi. Takashi and Yuki follow his eyes to Ayumi, who steps out of the forest at last with her arms folded across her chest. "I did die." Shin's voice makes Takashi and Yuki look at him again. "But little Ayu doesn't seem to like the fact that I'm dead."

"You mean … Ayu saved your life?" Takashi asks, not believing his ears. "How? Is that even possible?"

"It is possible." Ayumi answers instead and she walks towards Shin but stops beside Takashi. "He cannot die without my permission."

Shin laughs. "Seems like she has some kind of brotherly complex …"

Yuki turns back to Shin in shock. "Ayumi is your sister?!"

"You're a Pure-Blood?!" Takashi asks Ayumi immediately after Yuki questions Shin.

"My little sister." Shin introduces formally. "The Pure-Blood of Life, Kisarazu Ayumi."

"Life?" Takashi whispers as he tries to connect everything together.

Shin laughs as he turns to his sister. "I can't believe everyone believed your lies all this time."

"Wait …" Yuki interrupts as she recalls the first time she has seen Shin and Ayumi talking to each other. At that time, the Rebellion was holding a meeting and she was wandering around the HQ with Shin, looking to see if there was anything she could help out with. "Back then, Ayu said that she was helping out with the medic team …" Her voice trails off as she cannot remember the rest of their conversation back then.

"And she lied that her healing capabilities were limited." Shin laughs as Ayumi starts to smile. "How many lies have you said I wonder …"

"I can't believe I didn't realize it all these years." Takashi shakes his head. "If you're a Kisarazu, then … when you said that you need to return home …"

"My father didn't really pay much attention to me because of my powers." Ayumi explains after exchanging a look with her brother. "He paid a lot of attention to my brother in order to train him to become the next heir … but still … as a daughter, I believe I should visit him often after my brother ran away from home and never returned."

Shin puts his hands into his pockets. "Do you really have to put it in that way?"

"I'm being serious." Ayumi rebuts.

"How did you save Shin anyway?" Yuki wonders.

"I managed to drag his body out of the fire before he got burnt and used my powers on him." Ayumi explains in summary. "Thanks to that time, I won't be able to use my powers for the next year." Takashi and Yuki frowns as she continues. "Every time I use my powers to revive someone, I won't be able to use my Pure-Blood powers for a year."

Shin laughs. "Thank you, Ayu."

"You can revive people from the dead?" Yuki asks in disbelief.

"Not exactly." Ayumi elaborates. "It depends on the circumstances … I can only revive people under certain situations."

"Like?" Takashi prompts further, wanting to know more about something he should have known a long time ago.

"I can only revive a person once." Ayumi states an example.

"And she can only do it once a year … since she needs her level three powers to be able to revive someone from the dead." Shin laughs again.

Ayumi nods. "And I cannot revive someone who has been dead for over six hours."

"But overall … you still do sound powerful." Yuki comments with a smile on her face.

"Thanks." Ayumi replies as she turns to her brother.

Takashi laughs once. "You're alive all this time and yet Yuki and I still …"

"I know." Shin puts a hand on Takashi's shoulder, making him appear surprised. Understanding that look on Takashi's expression, Shin adds. "I know that you make frequent visits to my supposed 'grave' …" Shin laughs again. "I've been watching."

Signs of comprehension can be seen on Takashi's face. "So you were that person who didn't have a presence … the one who was watching me secretly in the forest last week, the day when Yuki returned." Shin nods once as he stops laughing but keeps a smile on his face.

"He refuses to show his face all this time …" Ayumi indicates as she keeps her eyes on her brother. "So the only way I can tell you that he is alive is to bring the two of you here … he forbids me to tell anyone that he is alive and refuses to go to the palace just now."

"Why not?" Yuki asks immediately.

"I'm suppose to be dead remember?" Shin reminds her as he folds his arms across his chest.

"You can explain everything." Takashi suggests as he walks forward and stops beside Yuki.

Shin smiles as he shakes his head twice. "I'm not a party crasher … I know what some people may say if I just suddenly show up."

"But …" Yuki starts but Shin interrupts her.

"Don't worry … I'll rather show my face a few months later." Shin indicates casually. "Just enjoy your party and honeymoon."

"Are you sure?" Yuki clarifies again, wanting to make sure she has not heard it wrongly.

"Yes." Shin assures her again. "I'll be fine … the both of you can go back to your party before someone notices your long-term absence." Yuki looks down as Takashi takes her hand quietly. "Trust me … this won't be the last time you'll be seeing me." Shin smiles wider.

Yuki forces a smile on her face as she nods once before heading back into the forest with Takashi. After they disappear into the darkness, Ayumi turns back to her brother. "Are you sure about letting her go? Are you sure you won't regret it?"

Shin sighs once as his expression returns to normal and he puts both of his hands into his pockets. "I was the one who asked Takashi to take care of her for the rest of her life in the first place."

"But that was because you thought you were going to die." Ayumi rebuts him. "I trust that you'll have no regrets if I left you to die but …"

"Either way …" Shin interrupts her as he turns around to look into the distance. "As long as she is happy, nothing else matters."

"Even so … it still hurts, doesn't it?" Ayumi smiles. "To watch her walk away with some other guy."

Shin smiles in reply. "At least I still have you with me."

Ayumi folds her arms. "Of course … you're my brother."

Takashi and Yuki return to the party just in time to be greeted by Kiran with Sakuya and Kai behind her. Kazuki, Shiki, Riko and Tsuyoshi are watching them from a distance away. "There you are … where have you two been?"

"Well …" Yuki starts as Sakuya interrupts.

"I guess they just want some privacy from all this." She laughs and a wide grin forms on Kiran's face.

"If that's the case then … I won't ask any more questions about it." Kiran laughs as she hands Takashi two keys, one of which appears custom-made while the other key looks like any other ordinary key from Earth. "Kai and I have packed your stuff and the both of you are good and ready to go."

Takashi laughs as he keeps the keys but Yuki appears confused. "Go where?"

"Your honeymoon of course." Kiran replies as Kai laughs behind her. "This unique-looking key is from Riko … which you can use to get to Earth." Yuki quickly looks at Riko who merely smiles in reply before turning her eyes back to Kiran. "And the other key belongs to Takashi in the first place."

Yuki looks up at Takashi who holds up the ordinary-looking key. "This is my car key …"

"You've chosen a spot on Earth?" Yuki asks in disbelief.

"The both of you can leave any time you like … besides …" Kiran approaches Yuki and whispers the rest of the sentence into her ears despite knowing that Takashi can still hear her anyway. "You won't regret it … he has put in a lot of effort specially for your honeymoon."

"I can hear you, Kiran." Takashi smiles as he interrupts Kiran, who quickly takes a step back.

"You know where he's taking me?" Yuki asks as she takes a quick look at Takashi.

"I trust you've seen that huge bouquet of crystal roses when he proposed to you …" Kiran laughs as Yuki turns back to her. "So now he'll be taking you to wherever he has grown the remaining eight-hundred-and-ninety-eight roses." Yuki looks up at Takashi suspiciously as the guests begin to gather around the newly weds.

Kai knocks his sister's head gently. "Do you really have to spoil the surprise, Kiran?"

"Is that true, Takashi?" Yuki clarifies as the area becomes quiet since everyone is listening to their conversation.

"You'll see." Takashi smiles widely and picks her up in his arms easily, causing her to blush immediately. The guests begin to clap as they take in the view and Yuki puts her hands around Takashi's neck. "This will be our first journey together as husband and wife … I want it to be a memorable one." Yuki smiles in return as he makes his way towards one of the doors of the palace.

Kiran takes Riko's key from Takashi's hand as she hurries forward to help him to open the dimensional door. The guests follow the groom and bride to the door and Takashi stops just in front of the door when Riko drops a short and quick message in their heads. "Enjoy yourselves and I'm expecting a niece or nephew soon." Both Takashi and Yuki turns around to look at Riko and Tsuyoshi, who are merely smiling in reply.

"Speak for yourself and Tsuyoshi." Yuki rebuts and she cannot help but smile as well.

Riko exchanges a look with Tsuyoshi who quickly indicates. "Go on … it's getting late."

Takashi smiles at his brother's expression as he turns back to the door with Yuki in his arms. "He's embarrassed."

"He should be … they should be having kids before us since they're already married." Yuki whispers in reply.

"Why don't we take a step before them?" Takashi suggests with a huge smile on his face as he takes a step through the dimension door.

Unknown Dimension

Takashi settles Yuki down on her feet after the door behind them closes, leaving them alone in the white square-shaped room. "Wait … are you're serious?" Yuki's eyes widen, her face blushing harder.

Takashi keeps his smile as he slowly makes his way across the room with Riko's key in his hand. "You're mine now … so why can't we? Besides … I've always wanted to have a family with you."

Yuki laughs softly as she eventually nods and Takashi turns the key once in the keyhole. She walks forward to take his hand as he pushes the door open and the both of them proceed to Earth hand-in-hand. "We shall be together … always …"

The End

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